Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Lord Speaks

"If I feel like hit it, I hit it. Doesn't matter if the ball is good or bad"

-Virendra Sehwag at the post match presentation after his breathtaking knock.



  1. Yeah he did say that, and I think he's entitled to say something like that.

    And I posted this not in a bad way. I like the guy, a lot. He plays the sort of cricket people wanna watch...

  2. From Shane Warne’s Top 100 Cricketers today. In his entry about Virender Sehwag (number 35), he describes what Sehwag does when he’s struggling.

    Sehwag was batting with Jeremy Snape for Leicestershire and Abdul Razzaq, who was playing for Middlesex, started to reverse swing the ball, creating all sorts of problems.

    “I have a plan,” said Sehwag and promptly hit the ball out of the ground so that it had to be replaced.

    That is what God can do.

    Join Sehwagalogy!

  3. Ya Damith I've heard that story... Pretty smart ha?