Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Not because it's Christmas, but because I'm here.


The Land Like No Other!


OK calm down tom, relax.

I really am having one hell of a time, and don't even know what's been going on in the blogsphere lately. Yes, my fellow bloggers, I am sorry, I should be feeling ashamed. I know. But maaaan, who wants to blog on vacations? It is a business that is supposed to be done on work hours.

So... the flight home was pretty much uneventful and goddamn tiring. I thought Sri Lankan private buses were better. I couldn't even stretch my legs. Jeez... was so glad to be out of it after more than nine hours of flying. I had asked some of my best friends to come and pick me up, but the buggers turned up in a car instead of a van. I had a TV with me, so in the end had to open the box and load the thing into the car without the box, in front of everyone. Must have been a pretty funny sight I guess.

Then ate a "Sri Lankan Chinese Rice" on the way home. Oh how good it was. And some Aappa as well. And the bill was like little over 400 bucks for four of us. After spending more than that for every shit meal I buy in Japan, this felt like heaven! LOL...

Since then, lots of love from mom, getting treated like never before (HA!) and all the attention. Bad part is, I still didn't get a good enough sleep. But it's all worth it. Met a lot of old friends, had a beer or two and lots of catching up...

And I'll be away from blogging for another few days, cos I'll be going down south with my best friends. Just hang around there and chill. And booze time of course - according to the normal definition as well as LD's definition.

Jeez... I've been writing this post for like an hour now - writing this and chatting with Milla. Apologies guys, if this post is all a bit weird. Blame her. Not me.

So... a very very Happy Christmas for all you people!




  1. wish you a superb holiday! and a great new yr!!
    hey, beer has very little alco content okai? ;)

  2. Yeah I am having one hell of a time buddy...
    OK it does, but still... Hahhahahaha!