Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sri Lankanisms...

Hi ayya!

Hey.... nanga... how're you?

Sooooooo.... you're coming on Saturday no?

No I cancelled the flight.

You did?




Modaya. I can't waaaaaaiiitttt.......

Hey, that should be my line. I'm the one who's supposed to be impatient.

I know. But still...
Hey you come to see me the first thing?

What? At midnight? You crazy?

OK well right.
Hey packed your luggage and all?


What did you get for me?


It's OK ayya... you're coming na... that's all I want.

Oh really? Good, I was gonna buy you an iPod tomorrow. I won't have to then...

Oh! What were you gonna get? Nano? iTouch?

Doesn't matter ne... you don't want it right?

Anaaaaaaa...... pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssseeeeeeeee.....................

OK OK matti...

Hey, did you get the e-ticket printed? Don't forget OK...

No I have a portable printer with Internet connection. Will get it done at the airport.

Don't joke ane... seriously...
And don't forget the passport too.

No it doesn't matter. I come by my private Jet. It won't be necessary.

You jerk. Shut up!

Hello? Ayya?

I thought you told me to shut up?

*Sigh* (from the other end)
OK OK just be careful OK... And call me when you come.
Oh call me before you check-in as well.
Don't forget passport and all.
If there's anything... call K at the airport... I told her that



I have been on a plane before. I know my way around. Thanks.
And if I call K I'm gonna ask her out too.

Hahhahaaa... don't bother... she won't come...
OK OK then...
Love you!

Love you too...

Man... these younger sisters, Sri Lankan ones, can be a real pain in the ass sometimes... LOL...
By the way, she's not really my own sis, rather my x-girlfriend's sister. But she's like my own to me.
Love you nanga...



  1. Awww sounds like she adores you! And you seem to be pretty fond of her too :-).

    Have a safe journey!

  2. aww...how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!
    get her an ipod now! she'll be waiting..:)

  3. im gonna miss you when you go :(
    who am i gonna annoy now :P?
    hav loads of fun tho :)
    and you do that "i thought you told me to shut up" thing to me as well
    still not funny :P
    loooooove you sachsach :)

  4. :)
    Yeah, so typical. My sister still tells me to drive safely and call her when I get home, and be home before 9.00 and all that and all that, until I remind her that I’m all grown-up and a father of two!
    Don't we love our ‘Srilankanism’..? I do!

  5. Ladies ladies, calm down!
    I knew you'd take her side... dang...

    Pseudo, well can't say no to that. I'm totally fond of her, she's like my little doll or something. Love her soooooo much....
    And thanks. Oh btw, a safe journey to you too!

    LD, she is indeed.
    And yeah, I had to... so bought one y'day...

    Milla, yeah I'll miss you too. Will be in touch though.
    Love you too...

    Serendib, aren't they all the same?
    And I agree, though it is sometimes drives us crazy, when you think about it, in reality it is so nice. I mean, that means that we care. Bitching over so small things, worrying so much... means we care... It's such a nice touch...
    I indeed LOVE it...