Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, December 4, 2008

no more f-word...

somebody said i use it too much
in my posts
and that i really dont need to
that id do fine without it
when i come to think about it
seems thats right
overusin it kills the effect
so im not gonna use it
for a full month
startin from today
tho i might miss it
no F word anymore
a CLEAN blog after all
thanks solomon!

PS :
this post is written in milla style
shes a friend
a good one
and she writes like this all the time
the 'g's at the end of words are missin
jus like that
no capitalization
no apostrophe
though is tho
and just is jus
short lines
but when u read it
feels like its a poem
not a rhymin one
but still...
cheers chickey!



  1. fk! u think u can manage that??


    you wrote it like me :D
    im so proud :D
    love you sweetypie :) :) :)

  3. Aaah. Gud Gud.
    Ever considered the fact that Milla's keyboard may have a damaged G key?


  4. it has a damaged "t" key
    but thats a diff story
    isn't it sweetypie :P?

  5. DC, at least I'm going to try! :D

    Milla, oh yeah I did... this post is dedicated to you!

    Solomon, cheers!
    Hmm you got a good point, but then again we will also have to assume that Shift, Apostrophe and t keys are also broken! LOL...
    Useless keyboard if so...

    Damith, who do you mean? Milla?
    Jeez... she's dangerous, I agree... see what she's done to CAT already? :P

    Milla.. oh the T key... LOL...