Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, December 12, 2008

My little beauty...

Sorry Milla, I'll buy you one next time.



  1. sachsach
    im tired of waitin for you :P
    i think i might jus go out and buy one myself :D!
    whats the size on yours?

  2. Aah. Congratulations. This will keep you occupied for some time. By the way.. how much was it? What is the memory capacity?


  3. Thanks nifraz!

    Milla, LOL!
    I didn't ask you to wait for me? :P

    Solomon, hope so.
    It's quite useful for the train ride in particular I guess...
    It's 8GB.

  4. sachsach
    you love me :P
    so you're meant to buy me one...duh :P
    thats why i waited :P!
    and now i can't steal yours
    cos i need 32GB not 8GB!
    8 is too small :P
    im already using 14GB on my old one
    and thats without my lanka vids
    oh that reminds me
    once i convert my vids
    i hav to show you the one i took of kapu gettin on the bus
    good stuff
    altho i need to cut out the sound
    cos you hear me goin "OMG he's so hot!"
    and i don't think you wanna hear that :P!