Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, December 12, 2008

So, this is Christmas!

So I've been tagged by LadyDivine. In fact this is the first time somebody tagged me, so a big thanks LD!

What have I done this year...

Moved to Japan.

Taught myself to cook, and lived to tell the tale after eating them.

Endured the pain of the death of my love.

Seen a 'just friend' turn into one of the best, which I'm ever so glad for.

Failed to understand some others, and kept getting hurt.

Bungee Jumped.

Eaten a Snail, and actually liked it.

Been to the highest point of Japan, a staggering 3776 meters from sea level - the top of Mt. Fuji.

Felt so lonely. Really really lonely.

Started blogging. And felt so comfortable doing it. Not to mention the joy of it.

Made some friends online, most of whom I haven't even seen.

Seen my favorite author die.

Seen my cat die, at the age of 18. Loved her so much.

Changed. A lot. In a way I thought I never would.

Bought an iTouch, only last night. :)

Hmm... so not bad. When I went through it a second time, it seemd a great mixture of real extremes. And I'm still alive after all that. Also seems it's an year of death.

Wish the next one will be better...

And here I tag Sabby, Serendib_Isle, Pradeep and Sach.



  1. It will be better , hopefully.
    cheers to 2009?

  2. there will be no christmas or santa or a happy new year.

    mendis is injured. life is not worth living.

  3. sweetypie :)
    you forgot one
    Fallen deeply and madly in love with Milla :P

  4. Thanks bro. You have no idea what I’ve done this year. I guess I’d come up with my list too...

  5. First of all, my condolences on your tragic loss...

    Since you live there, you probably know this already - every year, the Japanese pick a character whose meaning represents that year.

    For you, I suppose this is the year of Death.

    Here's to hoping that next year will be much brighter!

  6. Hey Sach, guess what?
    You've been tagged!

  7. Wow - a damn big year I'd say. I've enjoyed reading your blog, thanks.

  8. Hi, Sachintha,
    Sorry to hear about the loss. I too climbed Fujisama, twice. Also Hotaka range (Okuhotaka dake,) near where you live.
    I will be over in Japan closer to Xmas. Great to get to know you!

  9. I hope so Black, cheers to 2009!

    Damith, yeah, who would have ever thought that Splendid is mortal?

    Milla, shouldn't it be the other way around? :P

    Serendib, looked at your list. Seems you have had quite an eventful year too.

    Anon, thanks. And it seems they're right cos 2008 was the year of 変 and it is indeed a year that had a lot of changes for me...

    WOW! Finally the legendary RD comes here!
    Thanks mate. Need not be said I enjoy yours...

    Kalu, mate you in Japan?
    We should definitely meet up then...
    But I'll be going back to SL for a short vacation soon, and be back after the new year holidays...
    Pls drop me a mail machan, it's in my personal info page...