Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I miss being myself

I used to be the fun type.
I loved a laugh all the time. I did laugh a lot and I used to make others laugh. People liked me - well, at least most of them did - they liked being around me, hanging out with me. I used to live a carefree life. You know, without a care in the world... Oh maybe I did care, but you know what I mean. In short, I never really had a long face.

And now I've become a useless brat.

I don't laugh much anymore. Even when I do, that's not really from the bottom of my heart. People don't like being with me anymore. I can sense that. I can feel that. I'm not fun to be with anymore. I'm a pain in the ass for them. I'm a burden and they have to put up with me. I know that you bastards. And I hate being this way more than anybody else.

I just miss being myself...



  1. i like bein around you :)
    and you still make me laugh :D
    you're def not a pain in the ass
    to be fair...i hav a quite a big one so i probs can't feel it :P
    smileeeeeeeee sweetypie :)
    love fatty :P

  2. i know how that feels.... I miss being my usual self too.. and sometimes my usual self scares me too coz I keep thinking something will bring me down again..:(

    take care pal.. and I hope my sad posts dont make it worse! :(

  3. cheer up old fella. doing be getting all depressed on us now.

    wht u need is to go back home. thts when u will probably feel like ur old self again.

  4. Milla, thanks dear...
    Oh I would LOVE to call you fatty... LOL... but still I wouldn't ...

    Thank you too LD, and no you don't make me worse, in fact you've been really nice!

    Damith, yeah mate I guess so...

  5. dats xactly wat has happened to me.. 1 person nd my life just shuffled so badly dat i am unable to restack it again :(