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Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You're losing the plot, Sanga

Dear Sanga

We understand that living up to expectations is very hard, especially when they are sky high. We also know that you have a lot going on at your end as well. And it is very true if someone says that you've got a lot to lose if you don't do the things right.

But none of that is a fucking excuse to behave the way you have been behaving of late.

You've turned yourself into pretty much an ass on and off the field ever since you took up the throne which thoroughly disappoints us. When Mahela handed over the reins to you, we thought that things could only get better for Sri Lanka. Many thought that you were the right man for the job even when Mahela was doing a fine job with the team. When you took up the job, we thought that we are now all set to be the force in world cricket that everyone dreams of. How very wrong we were.

What the hell is wrong with you now? You always valued your wicket, and you always got frustrated when you got out. But back then, you always conducted yourself pretty well - why throw the bat away when you get out now playing a silly shot? Go inside the dressing room and kick Mubarak's butt as many times if you want to, but please behave on the field. And it would be nice if you don't look at the umpire like he made the biggest blunder in the world - especially when your are out plumb. By doing that you only make an ass of yourself. And when your team mates bowl a couple of wides there's no need to scream at them from the other end - in case you don't know, they feel pretty bad about it more than you are. It would also be nice if you are graceful enough to admit it if and when you're outplayed, and giving the opposition due credit is considered a good thing really. Oh, and nearly forgot, it's embarrassing for us when commentators say that you'd be the captain if there was an Appealing XI. Seems like the cool dude is not really cool after all.

Seriously, Sanga, get a grip. You've got a lot to learn and Mahela would be a good place to start though you can't really call him a place. He may not have been perfect, but he was million times better at staying cool under pressure and at conducting himself. He was epitome of coolness when compared to the emotional wreck that you are on the field these days. You're the goddamn captain of the team and if you start to behave like that on the field, who would the others look up to? We need a guy who can hold his head high specially when things aren't going your way. We need a guy who can set an example to the others, not a little kid who cries and get pissed off when things aren't going his way.

As Mahela put it once, you don't have to be ugly to be aggressive, but unfortunately, ugly is all you have been of late. As long as you play hard and fair, that's fine with us because that's how sports are - you win some, you lose some. You can't, and don't have to win every time. And, in case you have forgotten, we don't mind you guys losing a game or two unlike fans of some other countries. You don't have to worry about your house being burnt if you lose a game or two, do you? You should be grateful to us for not being such idiots. Remember the welcome you guys got from us when you returned after losing the 2007 World Cup? Yeah, that's right, we always love you guys and as long as you guys play good cricket, we don't mind you losing the odd game. But we do mind when you make an ass of yourself and still end up losing.

Please Sanga give us back the cool dude that we all loved. Give us the guy who sledged the batsmen left right and centre so classically - we don't need you to appeal for every goddamn ball instead. Give us back the gracious fellow who walked every time if he knew he was out. Where is that guy who shrugged it off when Rudi made that blunder, when we really had a chance of beating the Aussies in their own backyard? That was the Sanga we so liked, we so admired - we were so proud of that guy. Not this ass who is the captain of our national team today.

Please bring him back.

Your biggest fans.



  1. Right on! Let's hope he gets back on track - he has so much quality it would be tragic to let it go...

  2. @Chavie and Ranga
    Thanks guys!

    Yeah I too hope that he gets his act together and start doing well because he's too friggin' good a player for us to lose.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth!

  4. I agree with it 101%
    We all want to old Sanga back!