Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When I Was A Kid...

  • I'm told that I spent many a hour at home, alone, doing absolutely nothing, submerged on a world of my own when I was a little kid. No wonder I'm too lazy to do pretty much anything these days. Old habits die hard, it seems.
  • But, apparently, I was also the devil when put in a company of few. At least some times. It is said that when I got pissed, nothing and nobody at a hundred meters' radius was safe from my wrath.
  • When I was about five or six, for some time I refused point blank to wear T shirts of any kind. Shirts were my thing.
  • Even when I was a kid, I never was afraid of ghosts, darkness and such things. Going outside in the midnight was no big deal, no ghost story could scare me, and all things supernatural were always a bit too overrated for me. Thanks dad for all that.
  • Was damn shy. Despite many thinking, and still claiming otherwise.
  • Was arrogant to the point of pissing almost everyone around me. I had an opinion about everything, and nobody was allowed to contradict it. Ironically, I've become so tolerant these days practically anybody can force anyone's opinion on me. Maybe not, but you get the point.
  • Spoke a language that I alone knew. It was all my creation, and I was proud of it too.
  • Couldn't comprehend the idea of adults I knew being babies ones. So I imagined the every family I knew to just emerge from earth in front of their houses before going on about their lives.
  • My mom could easily fool me. I believed it when once she said not to eat Rambutan seeds because if I did, it will cause a tree to come out of the top of my head. Or when I was pretending to sleep, mom would say loudly that I'd shake my leg if I were asleep, and I would just do it to fool her.



  1. my mom used to say the rambutan seed story too! :D

    this secret language sounds interesting... care to share? ;)

  2. I would, but unfortunately I have forgotten it all.