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Home Sweet Home

Friday, September 25, 2009

Common Cold and Some More

Catching a cold in a hot summer is worse than catching one in winter. If it was the winter you can cover yourself with all the clothes within reach and stay warm. And drink a LOT of hot coffee. In summer, a cold means you're going to have to stop all the chilled stuff, but drinking hot coffee is not an option either. And it sweats like hell already even without wearing much. So it's bad enough as it is, but imagine catching a cold when you have a pimple inside your nose. Now that is THE nightmare. *Sigh*

If people put one hundredth of effort they put into finding a cure for HIV, we would have had one for common cold by now. Seriously, for such a common and normal bastard, this cold can wreck havoc in our systems. Literally. If it were a decease with a practically un-pronounceable name that sounds important, then at least it's a relief. But when you just say cold it doesn't even sound like a decease in the first place and to add insult to injury, there's an adjective as well; common. Surely the dude who gave it the name was mocking us all. But that's the problem as well; if it were one such grave decease you could at least take a leave or two and duly stay in bed awaiting the inevitable. OK not really, but you could at least just stay in bed, take medicine and be like, well, ill. But who the hell takes medicine for a cold - OK there is none - and who takes leaves? You can't stay at home for a common cold, can you? But having a runny nose is the worst thing ever. It's annoying like hell, you need two boxes of tissues every day, can't speak properly, Mars bars taste like half dried mud palettes and on top of it all you have to breathe through your mouth. Sometimes I feel like shoving the tube of the vacuum cleaner up my nose and pull everything out. A nose cleansing, if you will.

Seriously, what's with all these viruses? BTY4RB. Did you see that? Don't get confused - I was installing MS Visio and was typing the license key but instead on the installation wizard, typed it here. Accidentally, of course. Those are the first six characters - try guessing the remaining 19. Ha! By the way, why have they chosen to use only some of the characters in license keys while others hardly feature in any? In every key, it is guaranteed to have more than one Q, B, Y and T. Other than that F, X, H, G and M too feature very regularly but you hardly ever see a K, L, A, S, D or N. Even I and O are very rare. Wonder why. Anyway, I'm very conveniently getting off the topic. Let me start that para again.

Seriously, what's with all these viruses? The idiot who gave computer viruses the name seriously underestimated the power of real viruses. Those computer viruses are nothing compared to these stuff - they can be cured and if everything goes wrong you can format and reinstall the system. Try formatting a man - although sometimes I do wish we had that option to format and reinstall the system in some people. But, like you have virus guards for computer viruses, how cool would it be if we had real life virus guards? Going by the good business those virus guard people are doing, I'm sure it's gonna be a business you can only have profits. Just imagine, wearing a virus guard at all times and you update it every week or so. No chance for viruses anymore. The moment a virus tries to affect you, plonk! A message of some sort appears and the virus is removed. How cool would that be? On the down side, condom makers are going to run out of business. But you can't have everything can you? Then again, on second thoughts, wearing one if and when you're getting intimate with someone you're not supposed to, is a good idea after all. Imagine, otherwise, how many plonk sounds you're going to get while being busy.



  1. I really don't mind a sore throat and stuff but the runny nose... ARGH! I totally know what you mean about wanting to vacuum the whole thing out... :/

    and lol at the human virus guard! :D *plonk* *plonk* "You cannot access that folder at this moment" hahaha :D

  2. @Chavie

    Thanks a lot, I sure do want to get better soon.

  3. yep, I use TP too... much more economical and has got 'texture' in it that just wipes the nose clean! :)

  4. no it's not! unused TP is just as clean as any other paper or tissues... try it out, it's waaaay more effective! :D