Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, September 4, 2009

To Make Both Java and RD Happy

So you know the two old fellows Java and RDs dispute right? Over arse wiping and such of course. Java wants a more hygienic approach which he claims also a lot nature friendly, while RD is determined to continue with paper, both dry and wet, mainly because he doesn't want to run the risk of losing his, umm, 'jewels' shall we say, at the expense of using a bidet shower. Even at his age apparently he seems to thinks it is important, and who are we to say otherwise.

So I thought of helping them both so that Java can fight the good fight to save the planet, there are rumours that he's even going to start a campaign titled WASH. DON'T WIPE, and RD can be more hygienic while keeping his stuff intact.

You know these Japs are so tech type right. They like things to be all electronic, and they like
pushing buttons instead of pulling levers and stuff (no, no pun intended) so they had to make even the toilet so tech. So much so that they automated even the bidet spray. Now with RD's liking to this kind of stuff, I'm positive he can't really say no to this.

This is the marvel.

Now, this is how it works. See that little gadget at the back of the toilet seat, which I have marked there? It is actually the bidet shower, and it's hardly visible, but then again while you're busy at work in the toilet obviously you can't have obstacles in the way. So after you're done, all you have to do is push the appropriate button while you're seated. Then the bidet comes out, slowly, and does it's job perfectly and all you have to do is just sit there. Also that prevents the chances of water being splashed everywhere, so, RD's other complaint is also invalid anymore. Of course you can control the pressure before you are ready to go with the process and as an added incentive you get to choose between hot and cold water which indeed is a necessity in winter.

And here is the control panel, which I'm sure will help you clear any other things you might want to know.

There, RD and Java, I did my part. Now it is up to you guys to save the planet and save the neighbours, or their noses, rather.



  1. My God JapSach, this is incredible. And it's got music too!! Thank you for this, I am truly impressed.

  2. See, RD, always happy to help. Now you've got to convert to washing.

    Fallen, cool eh?

    Crazy Japs. :D

  4. Lol, they even have smiling classes for workers who employ at the train department.

  5. you're tagged...:)


  6. Been out, so only just saw this. Great innovation - trust them Japs! Now RD has no excuse - and he can help save the planet to boot!

    And if can programme the music, he could move his drum kit into the loo and the possibilities will be endless!!!

  7. Indeed Java, now RD will HAVE to convert!
    And yeah, I never thought about the drum kit, but it'd be cool RD palying drums while taking a crap.

  8. LOL - love the comments, especially JJ’s vision of moving the drum kit to the loo..!

  9. Wijitha! Where the hell have you been man?