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Home Sweet Home

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back To Work Post

Sri Lankan mothers are a scary breed. RD will tell you all about them if you want to know more, but then again almost all of you do have Sri Lankan mothers, hence no further information is needed, I assume. Thus, you'll agree that her creating a Facebook account and sending you a request is a cause for concern and needs to be addressed with a carefully planned approach. For the time being I've decided to leave it untouched while I consider all the pros and cons and come up with a brilliant plan - as I usually tend to do with these things - to counter this newest problem. Meantime, any valuable suggestion is appreciated though I need to mention that I only need ideas that wouldn't get me killed.

On other things, we had to work on Saturday which is always a bitch, and wasn't doing really well on Sunday either. So had to stay at home instead of going to the match that I was expecting to play. *Sigh*. Anyway, our guys had managed to tie the match, so better than losing I guess. Hope to make it to the next game anyway.

Talking about cricket, Champion's Trophy turned out to be quite awesome didn't it? OK it seems we have only an outside chance of making it to the semi finals, and to be honest we don't deserve to be there after the way we played the last two games. Way too many errors on and off the field, and Sanga's clearly losing the plot. He better get his act together or our cricket will be ruined big time. Seems that the cool dude is not so cool after all. Getting back on track, despite we being almost out, CT is awesome. South Africans are out already (Don't you love it?) and this time they didn't even choke! They didn't get that close enough even to choke. They were outplayed by England and thrashed by Sri Lanka. When are they ever going to make it to the final of a big tournament? They are bound to fuck it up somewhere along the line don't they? It's so fun to watch them do that. And then if India lose today's game they too will be out. I so want the big bullies to go out this time. If they do, three of the favorites for the tournament - SA, SL and India will be out. You gotta love this tournament.

Happy week ahead fellas!



  1. oh, dear. No matter what do not add her. I added my mom and we had to go through weird conversations and finally when I had to delete her both she and went to having normal conversations. In one word it is rather awkward. Of course if you have zero social life and and if you do not see it improving in the coming years , by all means , go right ahead.

    However if you have friends who will leave extra suggestive remarks knowing that your moms on and if you have really good friends who consider FB a private forum and good place to take it from the last night's escapades, you actully might want to take my advice.

    There is a reason why we left the protective nest. One of them, although however minor, is to make sure that there is some scant sense of privacy in our lives. Run, Hide. DO NOT ADD.

  2. seriously, even our bowling which used to be our strong department let us down, in my opinion... but it was the fielding that really really pissed me off, I personally lost count of how many times Mendis dropped a catch and how many times we missed a runout because the person at the stumps dropped the ball! and isn't it kinda telling of our batting that on the one match Dilshan scores well we win, and we lose the ones where he got out cheaply... kinda reminds me of the T20 World Cup! :/

    and I totally agree with you that we don't deserve to be in the semis! Kudos to England, they played really well, most of all for not losing focus on the matter at hand, the target they were chasing, etc.

  3. hahahah! agree with Anon on the mom issue too... I blocked my mom when she sent me a friend request! and I still live in her house, we both even use the same computer to go on FB etc! :D lol

  4. Never, EVER, add ur parents on FB! My sis had made the mistake of adding my mum, and she always asked her abt stuff she posted...on her advice, i didn't add her! :P

    It also means u lose the right to say anything on an open forum...as if it isn't enough that my mum always wants to know what me and my sis talk abt, she'll then want to know what I meant by that status update or why I was writin on that girl's wall! :S

  5. Guys, seems I have not made myself clear. The question is not whether I should accept it or not - there's no way in hell I'm gonna add her. LOL. Sorry mom, if you're reading this.

    The problem is how to break the news to her without getting killed.

  6. You don't have to break the news to her... Just add her and then add EVERY privacy setting Facebook offers for her specifically! There's an option on Facebook that allows you see what someone else might see on your profile, so check that out after.

    This works well 'cause you're not hurting their feelings and they won't know what's going on in your life 'cause all they see is a VERY empty profile. It's been tested and proven...by me =P
    My dad added me of Facebook sometime back...