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Home Sweet Home

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sana, Please Go

Seriously, you're past your sell by date and this is not really how we want to remember you. We want to remember you as the man who changed cricket forever. We want to remember you as the man who destroyed many a bowler's career before they even started. The man who injected fear into every bowler's heart even before the game started. All that, but not like this. It is painfull to see you like you are now in the middle, it is heartbreaking. Now you're nothing but a mere shadow of the fearsome player you were, and we don't want to see a generation growing up thinking of you as the old fellow who couldn't put the bat into ball, yet found a spot in the team somehow. You're too good for that, just leave with dignity while you can, Sana. Every good thing must come to an end, and so is your career.

We remember back in the day, in mid '90s, watching you with nothing but awe as to how you could just smash the ball all the time like that, without a care in the world. There was many a great knock, that we were certain a human couldn't have played - yet you played them. A six after another, and the game was won before one quarter of it was finished. You were a treat to watch, and in case you didn't know, the number of people who turned their TVs off when you got out was far greater than the number of people who didn't. Not many people can claim that honour if I'm not mistaken. And I'm not. Not just that, you were adored and praised not only by your fans but by your opponents as well. The ones that whom you will never call friends, too. Remember that guy McGrath? You can hardly call him a friend, can you? Yet, in his autobiography he said;
It is not very often you can claim the honor of saying you changed the game for good, and Sanath can certainly claim that.

Need we say more?

You have done enough Sana, you have done so much that even in hundred years' time people will still be talking about you, and will continue to be inspired and amazed by what you did and how you did it. You are once in a generation - well, once in few generations actually - player and you were invincible when it was still your time. And that is how we want to remember you, so, please, leave while your head held high! You are a legend, and your legacy will live forever!



  1. Sach, nice post! I've been thinking the same and, frankly, even I'm running out of excuses to defend Sanath's place in the side! He really should've left after the Asia Cup last year...this is what you call Sri Lankan (actually, South Asian mentality) mentality, whereby u stay till u can! Look at Asantha de Mel! He got humiliated by the Supreme Court (where they questioned how he could run a multi-million rupee business when he hadn't even passed his A/L exams) but he still continues to be a selector (and a bad one, that too) rather than withdrawing from public life

    The same can be said of former Treasury Secretary PB Jayasundara, who is trying to get back into public service after having defrauded the SLGovernment millions of rupees!

  2. CT, actually one of your comments on Damith's blog got me thinking, and with yday's failure, I just wrote this out.

    Yeah I agree, most of the non Asian cricketers, like Warne, Gilly, Ambrose, they all said goodbye while they were still good. Didn't wait until they were unceremoniously dumped, which I'm afraid might be the case with Sana.
    I really don't wanna see the day that happen.

  3. Sach, don't get me started on that! Those guys were absolute legends. I mean, think about Warnie. He was absolutely tormenting batsmen around the world (along with his sidekick, McGrath) and he could've continued till this year's Ashes, but decided to retire. Now that's what you call timing!

    Sanga should be brave and drop Gramps, just like he did to Vaas. There is only a certain number of times that you can tell a dog not to bite you. After a certain point, sadly, u have to hit the dog! :(

  4. True.
    The problem is, even Sanga doesn't have the balls to do it because we don't have a proper opening combo. The thing with Sana is, he might fail regularly, but when he gets it right, we just simply win. And I think Sanga knows that and he wants to keep Sana for that reason only. I think if he happen to get a reasonable opener, it might be goodbye for Sana.

  5. People tried axing Jayasuriya before, but he used some political connections to get back in. Can't say it is Sanga's fault that he can't drop Sana.

    - Solomon

  6. but, Sach, it's only if you give a player some time in the opening role that he will be able to display his qualities...look at Mahela Udawatte. He's been selected for one match, dropped the next, making his future uncertain. I've read plenty of pieces and autobiographies of players who've said that they've played their best cricket when they were given an assuarance of their place in the side....

    Solomon, I suppose Sanga should resign if he can't get the team he wants (and the team that the whole of SL wants)!

  7. @Solomon
    I'm not so sure about that. You know the kind of journalists we have in SL, and they can always come up with shit like this just for the sake of it.

    I know, it's true. I have been really impressed with Udawatte, and unfortunately he's not getting a good enough run. It's kinda like a never ending loop - nobody gets a chance because of Sana, and since nobody's there Sana is still there.

  8. After playing 20 years why he doesn't give chance to a young guy who aspire to go highets in cricketing world. Shame. I think because of money Sana is hanging there.