Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who's the most elegant batsman in world cricket today?

Yes and I mean elegant.

Not the statistics. Now how many runs he's got, not the average, not how many matches he's won, no nothing.

I talking about the pure artistry.
I'm talking about the class. Because, elegant is the closest word to class in cricket dictionary.

Vote people!


  1. sanga! tho clarke came a close second, followed by sachin :D

  2. vvs laxman. without a doubt.

  3. TheWhacksteR > Yeah, they both are truly exceptional...

    Anon, sorry forgot to add VVS. He is indeed a class act...

    Kasu, he maybe good, but when it comes to class? I mean he's yet to prove himself at international level...

    Bob, yeah, again KS is good. But for me, it is Mahela is the one who's got that extra bit of dreamy quality to his batting when he's at his best. His cover drives and lofted shots off spinners are truly a treat to watch.
    He's so effortless when he's in full swing...

  4. its none of the above, it has to be Mohammad yousuf,His cover drives are amongst the best i have ever seen.

  5. VVS is up there as well.

  6. WTF u guys were talking???
    Mahela Jayawardene is the most elegant right hander in the world!!Lara is the left hander!