Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Booze, Poker and two Sleepless Nights...

What a weekend it has been!
Like an express train without seats. Or something like that.

I got in the bus from Nagan to Shinjuku around 6pm. It's 250km and a 4 hour ride. I hated the Kandy - Colombo ride every weekend, when I was back in Sri Lanka. However comfortable this is, still it's the same. Long and boring. And goddam tiring.

I picked the phone and dialed R's number.

"Moshi moshi..."
"Er... Ruwan-san imasu ka?"
"Chotto matte ne..."

That was his wife.

"Ah malli, kohomada?"
"Ayya... hawasa mokada karanne? How about a Beer?"
"Beer gahala hariyanne na ban... Whisky bagayak thiyenawa... eka gahamu"

Typical R.

Couple of hours later I arrived at B's apartment. V was online.
"Ado enne nadda?"
"Enawa enawa... gimme 20 mins..."

Apparently, R had called L. From him to V. I called Chan. V to A to Other V. And C. Seemingly a half a Whisky had turned into a mega booze party in no time!

Wonders of modern communication.

And it was one hell of a night. Near the little stream which flows in front of our apartment. A lot of fun. Seems Shukugawara had turned into a Sri Lankan Bar or something... So the party was over at about four in the morning and A prepared a goddam tasty pork or beef curry ( can't remember which ) and went to sleep without eating it. As usual.

So we went to sleep at about 5am and had a few hours of sleep. When I woke up the next morning - or rather the same morning - my head seemed to weigh something like 10 kilos or so... The usual sick feeling... And the usual thoughts... why did I drink?

But had to get up - I was supposed to meet Puncha. So somehow I managed to drag myself up and went to Kawasaki and met him - it was after some time. The bugger is like twice the guy that was in the University. Maybe a bit more... And then we went to Akihabara - I wanted to buy a camera - and just wondered around in the middle of all the electronic stuff. And without any real need I talked with a cute chick who was in the place where they sell iPhones. I wan't going to buy it, but she was too cute to go without having a word...

That night the joint was Other V's place.
Lot of food, some beer and a lot of Poker. Had to teach couple of guys how to play it. But in the end N seemed to have so much luck that even a train would go around him if he decided to jump in front of it. So, obviously, we were smashed.

Again, it was so much fun though.

I haven't had any sleep, but didn't feel like sleeping at that time either. Rather, wanted to come back to Nagano. So went straight to Shinjuku that morning and got on a bus. Seemed I had opposite luck of what Nageeth ayya had. The goddam bus got late, and I arrived in my apartment at about 3pm.

So, just like I said before, it was definitely an express train ride without seats.

Fast, restless, yet enjoyable.


  1. Wow Sach, it sounds like you're having a great time in Japan! You're working there? so wtg... bet you've seen and learned so much. All I know is arigato.. Did I spell that right? lol... nancy

  2. Hey Nancy, so good to hear from you, long time it has been.
    Yeah, me doing OK... work's good, life's good... things are moving smoothly...
    Hhahaaa! Arigato is right - but remember "O" is a bit long O. Like in "Old" lol...

    So how have you been? Thing are OK with you?

  3. And keep coming back here. It's a pleasure to have you here.

  4. I really liked your "sleepless nights" story. Very creative. Nice job! Just goin' craaaaaaazy here, moving from one flat to another and moving the business at the same time. Are we supposed to write something intelligent here? Or creative? Or... ? It's a spinner. So much has happened to everyone since the old MC board days, eh? :) nancy

  5. Thanks Nancy!
    It was a true story though. :D

    Oh so you're having a busy time? Ya... I can imagine... moving is never easy... LOL... I have to do the same in about a month from here.

    Oh, you can write absolutely anything here! Remember, it's Just About Anything!

    Yeah, so much have happened since the MC board days... People have moved onto other things... But still I miss it a lot... But it has also changed unlike the days we were there... Seems a lot less fun...

    But gotta go there when I find the time...

    Thanks again for your comments!