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Home Sweet Home

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Shit!!!

Seems that SLC is going to lick BCCIs ass for ten years to come. That's right. TEN!

Read this first.

Screw T20, and Lokuge too...

When that article is translated to plain simple English, it says something along the lines of this:

Gamini Lokuge the jackass and the SLC are saying to the BCCI that "we are quite pleased to lick your ass for as long as it is necessary, but we are out of money so please give us some. We will do whatever you want."

Yes, that's what it translates into.

I'm all for players and SLC getting some money. In this age, nobody and nothing can survive without money. That's fine.


Money should not be earned at the expense of Cricket.

Now according to the article, SLC is required to give full support to the IPL meaning that we cannot schedule any international cricket during that period - close to two months. And how many potential tours will be cancelled? A lot. Especially, Test cricket suffers. Because you need to have a considerable time frame to schedule a Test series. Now with this, we will have less and less time for that. ODIs can be fitted in a little time frame and arranged hastily. But not Tests.

Will this be a "scene from the past"?

I was never a fan of T20. But even less now.
And I'm starting to hate that fool BigGay. What does he know about Cricket?

Will there come a day that Test cricket is only history???


  1. i can understand why slc wants to lick bcci's ass...

    but why bcci is hell bent on wanting it to be licked by them more so after they approved icl players?

    beyond me. help.

  2. Well it's a little complex story.

    Ranatunga, the president of SLC relieved the ban on ICL players, but apparently Modi threatened the sports minister Lokuge (with some help of India govmt I heard) so our goddam minister revoked the decision.

    So now the ICL players are only allowed to play in Sri Lanka domestic circuit and that also for this season only.

    So bottom line is SLC is in fact literally owned by BCCI.

    And why they want us to do that? Well, that is one hell of a deal for IPL if you ask me. Just think, seems SLC is getting like 3, 4 millions for a tournament. In 10 years, I doubt very much it's going to be the same value for tournament.
    Then, for 10 years, IPL is assured some of the top players in the world! How good is that?

    This is one hell of a deal for IPL and BCCI.

    And we are fucked. We will playe less and less Test cricket...

  3. i thought that ranatunga will take slc cricket further like he did as player and then as captain...but he has been a big let down...hasn't he...?

  4. Well it's like 50 - 50. To some, he's a hero, and to some he's shit and a bit more.

    I personally believe he had some nice plans, but with all the shit that's going on with SLC administration - political influence being a constant factor - I don't know if he'll be able to do anything in fact...

    Let's wait and see...