Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm so sleepy...

Yes, even after a shitty lunch still I'm sleepy.

Seven hours of sleep seems to be not enough these days. Add to that the freaking cold - OK, not so freaking, but still it's cold - these days which makes you wanna curl up and sleep as long as you want.

And I'm bored too.

Why can't I go back home, have a 'maalu-paan' with 'wadi-seeni-plain-tea' and then do whatever I want?

Oh fuck.
Forget it.


  1. ha ha ha HA *guffaws* :D =D
    see wt I mean?? :)

  2. Yeah, but YOU made me wanting those maalu-paan, it's YOUR fault! ;-)

  3. perhaps u feel sleepy coz u r bored..:)
    You're in Japan.. I'm sure there's lots to look around at..:D
    it's the buzzing country.. with so many innovations and so much happening!! or maybe that's how we see it.. and when you actually land there, it's different??

  4. Oh yeah, that right I guess... when I have some work I'm not usually that sleepy...

    Well yeah, there are a lot of things to look... and it is buzzing alright!
    But there's something missing here... the people... they are not like us... you can tell the difference. Not as fun and close as our people.

    That land like no other is really that - there is no land like that! :D