Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Powered by Nature...

Was on the road today. Again.

We were going to a place called Karuizawa, but I didn't really know what I'd find there until we arrived . I wasn't bothered.

And the ride was boring. Comfortable, yet boring.

But, I was no longer bored when I saw what was there.
It was a place where you can see the remains of the last eruption of the volcano Asama, which happened in 1783.

This is the volcano:

And these are the remains of the eruption:

So what? You'd ask.

Well, fair question.
This is how it looks when you put the two together:

Get it???

The volcano is at least 30 kilometers away. Maybe even forty.
And it had such power that twenty, thirty or even forty feet wide stones were thrown 30 kilometers!!!

I felt so helpless.
And tiny.

We humans, being the arrogant little creatures we are, think that we can change the world. And challenge the nature.

You need to come to a place like this to realize it is not....

I could virtually see those enormous stones flying all over the sky.
I did not even have to imagine.

I felt the overwhelming power of nature.


  1. Did you know that the Tokyo to Nagano Shinkansen is named after this Volcano?

  2. Oh really? I didn't know that... Great place it is indeed.

  3. Its rare that you feel the power of nature. We ramble on about it. But only feel it a few times in your life.

    I thought about when I would have felt it. I think it was when I was at Worlds end in SL.

    Another time would have been when I went to the middle of a Volcano crater in Indonesia.

    Good to have you on board sachintha!

  4. Oh yeah man, World's End is stunning!

    And holy caramba! You have been do the middle of a volcano? No way man... you're not a nobody after all then! LOL... you know what I mean...

    Thanks bro!

  5. Yeah...
    The same forces that create are the same forces that destroy.. the irony of the life...