Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Additions

The blog is shaping up nicely... at least I think so.

Added a couple of sections, one with pictures and the other one a little rant about myself.
Need to add some more pics.

And a little banner at the top with four pics:
  • SL Flag 'cos I love Sri Lanka.
  • A picture of St. Anthony's Collge, a place I will forever be in love with.
  • UOP - oh such a wonderful time I had there.
  • An image of Perahara - a symbol of my hometown Kandy - don't I love it...
And a new title image - damn I suck at image editing. Need to get it done by professional hands...

Having said all that, I need some more visitors here!

Patience boy patience...


  1. Dude that is so sweet, how did you get those tabs up there. Do tell!

  2. LOL Thanks mate.
    Gimme a min, I'll mail.

  3. nice!

    ah with time you'll attract more readers...
    Patience indeed boy!

  4. LD, Thanks!
    Yeah, I hope I will get more readers with time. Need help of people like you who have been around enough...
    Please do visit here whenever you can. Greately appreciate it.

    Oh, btw, I'm just writing something. Do check in an hour or so. Something interesting this time.