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Home Sweet Home

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jesus and Mo

I've been a fan of this cartoon strip Jesus and Mo for a long time. In case you haven't come across it, and if you are able to grasp some wit and humor - rather than pissing yourself thinking they're insulting your religion - then I recommend you pay a visit. It's totally worth your time.

Anyway, I've been reading some old comics in it randomly and came across this one, and cracked like mad!

Just see for yourselves.

Happy weekend again, fellas!



  1. oops! I started reading it from right to left! lol

    oh well.. yep, it does sound funny but.. I dunno.. I always feel religious symbols or names shouldn't be taken for humor.. cause then we can't respect them, can we?

    oh and just yesterday or so they showed for news, a shoe sole in the local market with an engraved 'dharma chakra' one of the noble symbols of Buddhism. And those shoes have been sold already to many customers! No one except 1 customer had complained. People don't always check the soles ne.. -__-

  2. Yep, these guys are hilarious! I have to pluck myself away, if I visit them!

  3. @Harumi
    Insulting the religions or religious beliefs may be wrong, but these guys don't do that. The author is very learned in both Christianity/Catholic as well as Islam and he's got an amazing wit. He just attacks/mocks some of the really stupid things in religions in a very civilized manner. No shameful comments.

    I like this very much.

  4. @Kalu
    Yeah, they are (or is it just one author) amazing!

  5. Hey Sach! Call me blonde but I didn't get the actual gist of the strip!! :S

  6. Umm... come to think of it, can't blame you actually.
    You sorta need to read it from the beginning, so as to understand it fully.

    Let me try anyway.
    The two characters, Jesus and Mo are Jesus and the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It assumes that they are house mates, and the strip basically targets the hypocritic and irrational aspects of the two religions. But of course, as I said before you need to read from the beginning to understand fully, cos it sorta contains a story. And the authors wit is amazing.

    Here's the Wiki link.

  7. You've got a point there. =D

    It's not like I'm an extremist, besides I'm a Buddhist who studied at a school with a christian background. Perhaps it's influenced my way of thinking, and I respect all religions equally as I do for mine. *ok I'm an extremist!* lol

    Anyway yeah, if I put all those stuff aside the comic strip was very creatively done.. I agree, and I didn't know that Mo stood for the Prophet either.. so I didn't get half the joke! hehe..

    Ok.. I'll try checking out the rest. I might become a fan too.. oh and I'm also used to these since some animes also use religious references in a comical way, and even if I don't like them, I still find myself enjoying the anime.. =D

  8. Hi Sach, guys, I meant Jesus and Mo in the strip :). I think it a single author.
    If you liked this check out XKCD (xkcd.com)