Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kick Ass Kickmania!

Peeps, it really kicks ass!

Usually I ignore almost all the FB application requests because they're more or less the same boring and stupid shit. But this, this ain't no any of that. It's called Kickmania, and it is the coolest, funnest, craziest and most addictive FB application I've come across so far! Just try it out guys.

Basically what you have to do is kick other people - their asses that is - on FB, as further as possible. If you kick someone's ass further than anyone else did, then you own his or her ass! For example, if I kick Jerry's ass 50 meters, then I'll own his ass. But of course if Sabby comes and kicks Jerry even further, which I'm sure she'd be glad to do, I will lose Jerry's ass to Sabby. Even mutual owning is possible. Like, if LD kicks Dee's ass further than anybody else, she'll own Dee's but if Dee decides to retaliate and kick LD's further than anybody, then they'll end up owning each other's asses. Finally, if the big daddy RD shows up and start kicking everyone distances that nobody else can even imagine reaching, god help us, he'll own us all! And like anything else you own, then you'll be free to do anything you want with them.

This is what it looks like.

But of course this is no easy task though you might be tempted to think so. It takes time to get the hang of it. Kicking at an angle of 45 degrees, with a maximum power would help you go a lot of distance. You see, you need Physics even to kick asses, so learn your subjects people. But when you finally master the fine details of ass kicking you end up owning so many asses that you wonder what to do with them. I think it was Nee, a good friend of mine, who first found this thing (thanks bro!) - though S told me about it - and now the bugger has become so good at it that he owns more than seventy asses. Including mine.

I don't own so many, but still I have got quite a few, and being the generous chap I am, I decided to give them away to anybody who needs one. For free. You'll be served on first come first served basis. Just, don't forget to mention whether you prefer a guy's one or a nice lady ass.

You don't want to end up with a wrong kind of an ass for the rest of your life, do you?



  1. "if Sabby comes and kicks Jerry even further, which I'm sure she'd be glad to do, I will lose Jerry's ass to Sabby."

    duuuude this is just plain wrong! hahaha poor old 'lil Jerry! xD

  2. haha nicely done man I mean the examples are exemplary lol!! as Chavie said feel sorry for Jerry =D

    Thank u for the Info should check out this App soon =)