Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because I'm bored.

Totally. And drowsy. Hence some random rantings.


Today was our annual medical checkup. They shouldn't put oh-so-cute doctors to measure blood pressure. Seriously. A cutie holding your hand while wrapping that strap like thing around your arm doesn't help. Add to that her killer perfume. Doesn't help at all. My measured pressure today must be quite high than what it should have been. What's the point? And then the evil doc next to her took about a litre of blood out of me. True story. I felt so sad. How much do I have to eat again to gain all that. Easy for her to stick a needle in and just wait till the tube - actually, there were three - is filled. Oh, and I just realized that I still doesn't know my blood type. Meh. Oh and it seems I've gotten one and a half centimetres short from last year. Jeez. Benjamin Button is not alone, is he?


Was wasting time on FB as usual. On FB homepage - not your profile - to the right side there appears photo albums of your friends right? Go check it if you're not sure. So... there was one album called "Akki's Wedding" and one of my good friend's name appeared next to it. All good except for the little matter that her sister is happily married for about four years now. I was like "What? Really? She got married again? But what happened to ayya?", before I realized that it was not my friend's album, but an album of someone else where she merely commented. Lucky I didn't tell anyone. Otherwise I'm sure that the said friend would have sent a missile this way.


I want food. Sri Lankan food. Kos, Polos, Pol Sambal, Karawala and stuff like that. I've had enough of my cooking I might throw up the next time I eat them. I can see you already grinning. No you jerks, my cooking is not that bad, it's just the combinations I cook. Chicken and Parippu. Every week. Occasional potato curry or maybe beans. A salad once in a while. But maaaaan, who wants that shit. Sigh. Vot to do.


There's another half an hour to go. Time is a bitch. When we want it to pass quickly, the bastard starts to walk with a snail. And when we want it to stop, when we want to savor our moments, it flies like a super sonic jet. Alright, 29 more to go. Way too sleepy to write anymore. Let me hit the publish button...



  1. Random and funny rants.. =D

    By the way here they take 2CC (2ml) or more for regular blood tests. Did you donate your blood to the blood bank there? =D

    oh and the easiest way to have them is to get someone to post you a jack seed, and plant it there.. in about 10 years you can have lotsa kos and polos.. lol

    PS: I found lot of Japanese recipes on the net and tried a few, they do taste nice (with Lankan ingredients of course!), so why not change your diet once in a while? =D

  2. You cook? :) I too had my medical for the tour done. Perfect human being, still growing almost 188CM. Weight is bit down due to too much training, 79Kg. I hate needles too.

  3. @Dee
    Thanks! :)

    @Just Chillin'
    I don't know man.
    We have this medical checkup every year, so when I compared the results with the last year I've gotten shorter!
    Prolly they messed up with the measurements! LOL...

    No no I didn't donate, and they didn't take a litre either. A bit of an exaggeration, you know...
    What? Plant Kos here? Jeez... I don't own any land here. LOL.
    And I do eat a lot of Jap stuff, but they're not the same as our stuff are they?

    Yup, cook to survive! ;)
    And you weigh 79? Hmm good... I'm just over 66!

  4. eheheee.. couldn't help laughing at the doc thingy..:)
    as for cooking... hmm... what happened to eating Mac for breakfast everyday? :P

  5. yeah I know abt the FB stuff. I just saw this album saying "...'s wedding" too. And I thought "Hey that doesnt look like ..., so he's married again? >= " and it was just a comment =D thank god!!

  6. You *do* know, don't you, that most SL food is available in Japan, in canned or dried form? Kos, polos, all kinds of leaves (dried, gotu kola etc), karawala, desiccated coconut... a little expensive, of course.
    Or are you too lazy to cook anything other than parippu? :-P

  7. @LD
    Well, I've found a place where there's a better and balanced breakfast is available. It's got scrambled eggs, a salad, a bit of ham to go with potatos and a bun. With coffee or cocoa. But it's not the same as... let's say, Idi Aappa! Dammit!


    Yeah I do know, and you're right. It's more the latter. I'm usually too lazy to cook!
    But also, those canned stuff aren't the same, are they?

  8. “I want food. Sri Lankan food. Kos, Polos, Pol Sambal, Karawala and stuff like that.”
    Aagh... miss those myself. Very much.

  9. hehe! Try the pol sambol once in a while. Makes a WORLD of a difference! Temper it if you got a bit of patience, it'll last longer too :)

  10. Gosh.. I should keep in mind not to take your words literally from next time on! lol

    oops! I forgot that part! hehe.. oh but you might have enough space for a bonsai jack tree, ne? =D

    Yeah..I know.. Lanka has lotsa great food compared to other countries. Well why don't you ask someone returning from Lanka to bring some pickled food..?