Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I apologise...

... to everyone who Google how to get pregnant or how to kiss. I was so irresponsible to mock them telling them to just get laid if they wanted to know how to do those. After all, getting laid is not that easy, and a lot of people were quick to point that out. Come to think of it, they do have a point - we do almost everything we do just to get laid, don't we? Well not everything, but you see... I shouldn't have said that. So... my apologies!

Other than that, I had a wonderful vacation of five days, a much needed break if you ask me. Sitting behind a computer and writing code 24/7 is not that easy. Or I should have said 8/5. Whatever. Sunday we had a BBQ, so most of the Saturday went by for preparations. Then the Sunday was just A.W.E.S.O.M.E! The BBQ was a total success, most of the guys here turned up for it and had lots and lots of fun. And cricket after a long long time. Though the next day you couldn't move a muscle, still it was worth it.

Serendib Isle
asked for some pics, and here they are as I promised.

These guys live in front of my apartment, and usually I don't forget to feed them during the weekends...

And who says only men can ride?

Oh and the food was awesome!

It was so awesome that even the cooks couldn't wait, and they forgot what was on the grill, so naturally we had to eat some roasted-meat as well.

Then came cricket!

And didn't forget to check out the chicks either. Well, except one who seems to be more interested in food...

Sadly, every good thing must come to an end, and vacations are no exceptions. No wonder somebody said that "nobody needs a vacation more than the person who just had one!"



  1. And how did the pigeon taste after it was barbecued?

  2. where were the chicks? More photos!
    Glad you had a good time.

  3. Not very different from chicken, RD.

    Kalu, so you want chick-pics too?
    Jap chicks are cute though, aren't they?

  4. Sachintha san, domo arigato gozaimasu.

    We believe you!

  5. Yep they are! I am in love with one!

  6. good to know you had a great time! and your last line is so true! :)

  7. LOL :D
    the pics are great!! glad u had a good time!! Tc :D

  8. LD, yeah the vacation was good.
    And the last line, well I don't know who said that, just saw it somewhere but it is indeed so true...

    TSC, thanks!