Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skype-ing With Mom and Other Things

My mom usually calls me using Skype. Now do not - I repeat, do not - assume that she's all tech type ultra modern mom. Actually, she's quite the opposite, it's just I managed to teach her how to turn on the PC, wait till Skype logs in and - I've enabled auto login feature - and then push the "call" button if the little icon next to my name appears in green. That's all she knows to do with a computer. Nothing more, nothing less. If anybody disabled auto login, for whatever the reason, the next time she turns on the PC she might just wait forever for Skype to login. I wish that that would never happen.

Anyway, last night we were having a chat and she wanted to see me. There was a problem with my webcam, so it hasn't been working for few weeks now.

OK then, send me a photograph of yours. A recent one.


What do you mean how? Just send it.

Mom, you know how to save it and open and all that?

Err... I don't know. The last time your brother was in he showed some pictures of you. I just had to click the "next" button and I could go through them all.

Mom, that's Facebook!

Just imagine teaching her to login to FB and view my albums, while I'm here at the other end. Impossible.

That's not going to do. If I send you a file, can you save it and see?

If you tell me how to do that, I can.

All right.
Pick up the webcam and show me your screen.

*She moves the webcam*

Righ. OK a bit to the left. Up, up, Enough.

Then I dragged a photo and dropped it onto the chat window.

Now click the little orange bar in the taskbar?


See there is a blue long bar at the bottom of the screen? There you see a little rectangle blinking orange and blue right? Click that.

Ah I see. OK done.

OK accept and save it.

Umm... how do I do that?

Just click the accept button.

OK done. It says now... save... shall I click it?

Oh yeah mom, click it. The computer won't blow up if you click the wrong button!

Easy for you to say. Oh my god, a large window opened!
(That's the "save" window, by the way)

So, this went on and on and on like that...

Finally, after so much effort we managed to transfer a photo of me, one which was a little over 40KB but it took close to fifteen minutes for this. Sending a file is a very complex procedure, you know.

Finally she sees it.

So how do I look mom, handsome guy noh?

Hmm... yeah, sudu welada?

Pissuda hallo, maawa sudu karanna makala aayeth paint karanna thama wenne.

OK OK send me some more, I want to see more. See it wasn't difficult ne.

Oh no no no mom, that's enough! I'll tell aiya to show you the rest when he comes home next!

These moms, I tell you...


After that, I get a new friend request from some girl. Usually, I accept them all. Treating everyone equally or something, I just don't reject. But this time I was surprised. She has some pictures, and supposedly she's 16, but I have no idea who she is. Besides, the strangest thing is, I'm the ONLY friend in her friend list! I mean, WTF? If you create your FB account and the first friend you add is someone you don't know? Who does that? I have every good reason to believe that this is a prank by one of my very nice friends. I've got a bunch of them you know.

Also, I usually stays invisible in FB chat. I hate FB chat. The next thing she does is, she writes on my wall:
"come online why u afraid for me?"

Seriously, what's with girls these days? If it's a girl that is.


Working on Saturdays is a bitch. I had to work yesterday, and it's killing you when you have to work on a Saturday. Because, when I get back to my apartment it's usually close to 8 p.m., and after staying awake till 2 a.m., usually you get up at noon the next day. And then the Sunday goes by even before you know it and back to work Monday!


OK fellas, have a good weekend, thought already one day is gone by!



  1. Moms are the best, aren't they. Mine is technologically fine but she is still a Mom. When ever she makes me do things that makes me sigh, I think about my birth, I was just below 5Killos at birth, then I can gladly do anything she asks! Tomorrow is Mother's day and we have a big surprise for her. All five of us will show up at my parents place!

  2. Lucky you!
    Yeah Kalu, I love mine so much too... though she makes me irritated sometimes... it's just our Sri Lankan mothers, as RD say!

  3. Awwww Sach that had me grinning all the way!! :D

    Remembered how I taught my mum to SMS frm her phone as opposed to calling all the time!

  4. I had that Skype prob with a friend of mine. She was a total tech klutz LOL so i used this > http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx took over her computer remotely and showed her. Maybe you can try that?

    I love my mom, but im dreading the day i have to teach her computer skills LOL

  5. Awwww you are adorable *pinches cheeks*
    And the friend request thing is weird =S

  6. Wow.. that first story gave me a good laugh! hehe.. Well.. sorry.. didn't mean to laugh at your mom at all. She does sound really sweet.. and a lot like my mom too who can't even do what your mom does! My mom of course will sit right next to me and gladly let me handle everything (literally) on the comp for her! ^__^

    About that pal on FB.. it sure sounds fishy.. and yeah, might be a prank of someone perhaps.. =D

  7. u r such a sweeeet son..:) sounds like how my mum would be! :)

    as for the friend request... weirdddddd!!

  8. Heh he, Sach that was a classic episode...

  9. Dili, thanks for the link man. Sure as hell gonna try it!
    And don't worry, sooner or later you'll have to teach her everything!

    Sabby, do you have long nails?

    Harumi, yeah I know you don't mean to laugh at her. But you can laugh, it is alright!

    Dee, :)

    LD, thanks!

    SI, thanks man, oh the Sri Lankanism...

  10. LOL @ mum and Skype. Nothing more hilarious than parents adapting to technology I tell you.

  11. Our Mummy is ok with skype now. Although she doesn't knw how to save and open a picture, she is 50% capable with skype. She knows how to load it and even to put the password.
    Once it happened, When she switch on the PC sky pe wasnt loading. So she searched the icon and opened it, then suddenly it asked for a password. Guess what, she guessed the password and entered correctly and logged in, and chatted with you. how amazing people can learn when there is a need!

    You'll be proud of her now!

  12. Tried teaching my mum to open her email account, still its a disaster and she cant figure it out. reading yours, Reminded of that...