Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's with all the 'Exposing'?

Seriously, guys, what's going on?

I haven't been posting much lately mainly because have gotten a bit busy at work these days. Got a deadline looming and nothing's on mind other than just finishing things before it. So haven't been reading Kottu much lately. Today, someone says hi on FB and then I get to know that things have become interesting in the blogsphere lately. I pay a visit.


'Interesting' seems to be a serious understatement.

Seems people have been closing blogs, reopening, then exposing others and what not. WTF? Heard about some Chocolate or Weed guy and I paid him - assuming that it's a him - a visit. Well, I like chocolate a lot. And to be frank, weed is quite good too though I haven't had some for a while. What's even better is having some chocolate after smoking weed, if you know what I mean. Anyway, now this weed guy seems to be at it with a plan. Weed Warnings? And Weed Watch? Honestly? Sounds like Sirasa News. And he has Buried Weeds as well. Reminds of a serial killer who collects trophies! Quite amusing if you ask me.

Seriously, dude, get a life. Now that we are on the brink of finishing a shitty war, seems people are in need of some action, one way or another. And it seems that our good old Charm Bracelet has closed her blog, but someone has re-registered it and planning a counter attack. Oh my, if I had the writing skills of Blacker guy I'd write a movie script with all this. Come to think of it, someone might actually do it. Just in case you do, please do remember to put a thank you note mentioning me, that I came up with the original idea.

Or else I'd expose you too. The consequences will be dire, you know.



  1. The weed killer will be killed soon, and Kottu will be safe and secured once and for all. Have no fear! Your Kottu super man is here.

    Mayanthi... Wud you play Loise Lane in this movie?

    Haa.. haaa..

    Pappa paaa papara paaaaa...

  2. Haha, I'm not worried dude. You see, I blog with my real identity, so technically, I can't be exposed.

    Btw, why do I get the feeling that you're taking a dig at Mayanthi in the middle of all this?

  3. haha so true man, its like some kinda hindi soap opera...! i wouldnt believe it if i didnt read it myself...

  4. Gehan, yeah I know. In fact, even better than a SRK Hindi movie!

    Makuluwo, saying what's been happening lately is "interesting" is an understatement.

  5. It's as dry as a stale piece of shit, yet it still continues.

    Shall say no more..

  6. Makes me sad. I just concentrate on known blogs! Sad to see people folding and leaving

  7. theselittlearthquakes>
    Vot to do...

    Kalu, I know what you mean... maybe it's the time of the year for lunatics. You never know...

  8. I'm just glad no one else thought of deleting their blogs... seriously this is sick..

  9. lol.. drama indeed. although i still have a strong suspicion that its strictly a one man hate campaign. if you know what i mean..

  10. The Single Couple, don't worry, I don't think anybody will be bothered...

    Whacko, yeah I too sometimes get the feeling, but can't be bothered to investigate...

  11. Lot of drama going around indeed.. and these are much more intense than the ones we getta see on TV..! -__-

    Hope things would become peaceful soon.. and the ones who left can join again without any hassle.

  12. See my new Chilli Chocolate blog here.


    CC aka TPK