Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to get pregnant?

I wanted to know how to create a login to SQL Server using C#, so started by typing "how to" in Google. Well of course that's what anyone would do if they type a sentence starting with "how to", but I just said it anyway. Have you noticed that when you type something in Google it gives you suggestions, the search terms matching each letter you type? So, if you start by typing how to, this is what you get.

Now I know that you're going to go to Google and check it out. OK I'll wait a couple of seconds for you.


I was right, wasn't I?

How to tie a tie, well fair enough, even I know only two ways of tying a tie.
But how to kiss? And how to get pregnant?
Just get laid people, you'd know how to do both!

Happy weekend fellas, have fun!

Oh, speaking of weekends, I have a looooong weekend! The number of Os in the previous long tells you how many days I have in the long weekend coming. Clever ha? Not really. I have a friend who keep telling me to send them to some idiot whenever I send her an email with a little trick or something. I see the same happening again. Poor me.

OK people, bye then, again!



  1. LOL nice one Man =D I have seen this suggestion thing Google as well its good but sometimes being too good ends up in stupidity =D

    Have an Awesome Looong Weekend =)

    Cheers !!

  2. Hahhaha thanks man!
    But it's not a looong weekend, it's a looooong weekend!

  3. Now don't get pregnant during the looooong weekend! (Now that you know how to :)
    Have a good one!

  4. hehe good one Sach. Have a fantastic weekend :)

  5. Kalu, I promise I won't!

    CB, thanks and I will.
    Definitely a lot of sleep too.

  6. You copied Goooooooooogle and that’s baaaaaaaaaad!

    Have a good one bro, enjoy the break! Now that you promised to be good boy, will you post some holiday pics in your new photo blog please?

  7. SI, I didn't!
    Yeah, sure gonna enjoy. In fact we gonna have a BBQ tomorrow, so will try to post some pics.

  8. not to put a dampener, but not everyone finds it easy to get pregnant.. and timing and technique can make a big difference!

  9. Don't use any contraceptives. Do it the natural way :-)

  10. Loool.
    This sooo hilarious! XD.
    Good one!