Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm so glad...

... that finally it's over.

At this hour rumors are flying everywhere and the speculation is ripe that finally VP is dead. I honestly do not know what to believe, but it seems that it is fairly reasonable to conclude he is indeed no more. Well I hope so. I'm not really awed about all this, for death brings no joy. It doesn't. But, I do admit that I am relieved.

There are certain individuals throughout the history who's death always brought a sigh of relief, if not joy, to people. Be it Hitler, Idi Amin or any other mass murderer. I don't know about the world, but now at least most of the Sri Lankans breathe a sigh of release at the death of a man who terrorized us for a quarter century with some of the most brutal acts the world has ever seen. The fact that the number of suicide attacks happened in Sri Lanka during this time is greater than all the other such attacks in the rest of the world put together, says something. We have endured the epitome of terrorism for goddamn twenty five years. We want no more.

But, this is anything but the end. In fact, only just now that begins the hardest part. It is far easier to pick up a gun and kill people and gain a piece of land than gaining the trust of people who have been mistreated and discriminated against once upon a time. Such wounds doesn't heal easily. But we must try, for this victory would mean nothing otherwise. As a nation it is time to put all our differences behind and help these people - they are our people - to live a better life. We must give them hope, and show them that we can all live in harmony in this heaven on earth.

Only then, will calling this land a paradise be truly meaningful.



  1. couldn't have put it better myself sach! :)

  2. Yep, it's confirmed alright. ^__^

    And about those wounds.. I think our military have already healed them and bridged the gap to a good extent by rescuing more than 200,000 civilians.. working 24/7 under all worst conditions imaginable.

    Who else in the world can commit themselves that much?

  3. Hi Sach. I think the feeling is everywhere. Even though this started long before we were born, people are relieved now that the worst part is over.
    It is rebuilding time and I hope it will go as good as the fight that was fought. May SL prosper.

  4. @Anon
    Thanks, whoever you are!

    Yeah now it is confirmed and people are out there in the streets I hear...
    Well, yeah our forces did a great job, but I doubt that alone would suffice. Not being pessimistic, rather realistic. Once this enthusiasm is over, wonder how those innocent people will be looked after.
    Being hopeful though...

    Yeah, we are all relieved alright.
    And yes a lot of hard work is ahead of all of us, all of us got to contribute now.

  5. One wonders if our people may get too worked up and start discriminating patriots/non patriots etc, now??? I do hope people understand that the only thing to do now is to treat everyone equally and not try to find why each of us is black or white!!

  6. SI, :)

    TSC, I dearly hope things wouldn't come to that.

  7. Yep, very true. And I'm sure the authorities will take necessary actions on their own accord, as I don't think the GOSL would leave these people to their own devices after all the efforts extended to put an end to their suffering.

    I heard my mom saying that it was said on TV yesterday that we've lost about 6,000 or so soldiers (including officers) in this battle only within the last 2.5 yrs.. and about 30,000+ soldiers (including officers) during the previous battles and random suicide bombings.

    And few days back I heard on TV that if we count all the civilians, politicians, soldiers, etc. who died in the last 3 decades of suffering, it would amount to a staggering 80,000! -__- (sounds worst than the devastation caused by the Tsunami in 2004)

    So yep, to compensate that hefty sacrifice, the authorities will definitely need to take actions, and of course they can't escape the public glare.. of the locals and the internationals... =)

  8. Yes, I also don't think that the GoSL would want to waste this opportunity. But the truth of the matter is that this is a huge task that they alone can't handle. To resettle those people, provide them with shelter and a means of life support, then create all the infrastructure necessary - in simple they will have to create a whole new society there which is no easy task.

    On the other hand though I respect MR, his govt is still pretty much the same old shit we had ever since the independence. There are a lot of thugs, fools, opportunists and what not in there. I just wish if he has the balls to clear his own govt too, like he did to the LTTE. Well, not shoot them on the head, but get rid of them.

    Yeah, all those lives lost should never have lost in the first place, but what's gone is gone and all those lost lives would be in vain if we didn't make the things right this time.

    Remember the Tsunami. Once the enthusiasm to help others was over, they were left to themselves. There are still displaced people there I think, after goddamn five years!

    But yeah, there are a lot of good people out there, and with the help of them I think we'd be able to do the things right this time.

  9. Hi :-)

    You might wanna see a different view on my blog.