Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning & Cooking

Yesterday I managed to clean my room. Don't say what's the big deal, because it is a big deal for me, you know. I think mom would be totally proud of me for this more than even if I won a Nobel Prize or something. No exaggeration. Only problem is that now it's so clean I feel a bit out of place... like I don't belong there. Now there aren't any T-Shirts on the floor, nor there are any books on the bed, everything is where it is supposed to be. I just remember the days when I was back home in Paradise. Back then, nothing was in it's place in my room, everything was scattered all over. But also, it wasn't total chaos - more like organized chaos, if you know what I mean. Because though nothing was neatly organized, I knew where exactly everything was. It's just I couldn't be bothered with putting things in place and organizing. But this always drove mom mad. So every once in a while she would clean my room, organize everything and make is look so cool. Only, after she that I wouldn't know what is where anymore and we used to have a lot of arguments over this many many times. She would go on and on and on about how irresponsible I am, how un-organized I am, and that someday my wife would kick me out of the house! Seriously! But I would say I just have to find a chick a little bit messier than me, and voila! Problem solved! She just went nuts over this all the time.


Alright. I need some help. Specially from those ladies. I need to know how to cook 'haalmasso'. By the way, what do you call that in English? Anyway, I need to both fry them and also to make that curry. Damn it's so fucking tasty isn't it? So, please do tell. But please, I need specific instructions. You see, we men are designed to follow simple instructions precisely. "Add a little salt" wouldn't work. We get confused about the amount of little, you see. Just say how much, so that I get what you mean! Deep fry it or not. For how long. All that instructions. Seriously, guys, and girls, not joking here. If someone know - I bet you do - just drop a comment.


For those who already don't know, crapinfo - oops, sorry, I meant to say cricinfo, has changed it's look and a bit of a restructuring as well. Looks different and things are a bit hard to find. So, until people get used to this new look there will be a lot of bitching and moaning and whining - you know the usual stuff when there is a change. Just like when FB changed their appearance. But life goes on, so, umm.... well that it!

Happy week fellas!



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  2. *Oops, that was jumbled.. I'll repost my comment*

    It'll be easy if you follow their 5S concept! =D

    And ya, like Dee says it's called sprats and I tried looking up some recipes and found this,

    sprats curryThere's plenty more Lankan recipes on the net.. and here's a bunch I found..

    Malini's KitchenSri Lankan RecipesSri Lankan Recipes - 2Sri Lankan Recipes - 3Sri Lankan Recipes - 4Finally here's a link that tells everything you need to know about spices.. in different languages, scientific name, with pictures and so much info.

    Spice gallery

  3. Oops! it was still jumbled ne.. -__- hope you can differentiate the links.. hehe..

  4. Ha Mr.Cook is asking for instructions! :) As per cleaning, I hate mess' and I will be very happy in a clean and neat place as long as someone else does it! :) (just kidding, I spend 0.5 - 1 hour each day, cleaning the house and the garden.)

  5. Rice flies, obviously. Duh!

  6. @Dee
    Thanks! Just imagine if the S wasn't there.

    OMG! Thank you so much! You're a life saver! I love you!

    What to do man... when the need arised you have to forget your pride... sometimes.
    Gah... I hate cleaning that much though...

    Such wisdom!

  7. Oh and people, I managed to cook the damn thing. Turned out REALLY well!
    Cool huh?

  8. I dont know to make the curry but the tempering doesn't seem to be hard.. but Harumi seems to have helped..:) so yea, now when you get to SL, cook us a meal!:)

  9. Yeah she did!
    Umm... and it turned out pretty well.
    Hmmm.... let's think about cooking while in SL though...

  10. @ Sach-chan: dou itashimashite. =D

    And good to hear it turned out fine.. ^__^

    @ LD: great idea.. and how about we add a cooking contest too..? =D