Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

The past month or so have been really hectic, to put it mildly. Been so busy and there weren't many days I went back home before 10 in the evening, which is truly tiresome. And waking up at seven in the morning next days is no joy, specially with my love for the sleep. So anyway, this Saturday I decided to pay a visit to a nearby Zoo, namely the Ueno Zoo which is the oldest Zoo in Japan. Maybe the age's got to it, or it was just like this from the beginning, but either way, I must say that it was pretty much crap. I honestly think the Dehiwala Zoo is better. This was very cramped, in the characteristic Japanese way, I couldn't help but notice.

Still I didn't miss the opportunity to take some photos, of which a couple turned out to be really good. Particularly I love the pics of one of the Eagles - the guy was in such a regal pose, like saying, "people, take your photos, you don't get a better poser than me." And he wasn't far from the truth. Was just awesome, he was, all I could think. But the Lions ans Tigers were such lousy posers I couldn't get a single decent shot. In fact, all they did was just sleep under some bushes so were barely visible. But the Gorilla dude was the epitome of coolness. Seriously, I always thought that Jamaicans and Gorillas are a bit similar - no offense to either party. I mean, Jamaicans must be the coolest people on earth, aren't they? And the Gorillas aren't much different. You see, he was totally asleep and I spent like 30 minutes, probably more, to take a decent shot but still couldn't. Then there came a Jap chick, just gave him a glance, he was asleep but she wanted to take a photo so the silly girl started thumping the window! WTF? So the gorilla should wake up and pose so that she could take a photo? I was starting to get pissed off, really, but the Gorilla was like "dude, whatever" and was busy asleep. Ain't that coolness?

Happy Week Fellas!



  1. shah! nice!!!

    wish you a great week ahead too!!:)

  2. wow.. nice pics Sach! You've even captured Timon too.. (the meerkat from Lion King) hehe..

    And ya that's quite a regal pose of the eagle. ^__^

    BTW don't they have any sign boards that read - 'do not disturb the animals' or something? =D

    Thanks for sharing and you too have a great week!

  3. I didn't know Gorillas slept like ^ that! :S

    and agree with Harumi, the Eagle is fantastic! :)

  4. You should've videoed the Jap chick banging the gorilla... I mean the gorilla's window...

  5. @LD, thanks!


    Neither did I, but apparently they do!