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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's with all the Facebook quizzes?

Just wondering - how many of them are there actually? I've been clicking the 'Hide' button on the homepage for quite a while now, to hide all the FB quizzes and still a bunch of new ones appear everyday. It's guaranteed. Both them appearing on my homepage and me hiding them, that is. But I get a kick out of seeing them too, I must admit. I mean, there are people with all kinds of imagination - I can tell that just by looking at the kind of topics they choose for these friggin' quizzes.

I saw one the other day that tells you how well you would survive a zombie invasion! How cool is that, knowing in advance whether you should run or fight back when there is a zombie invasion. Note that I didn't say "if and when". Why would I? If FB says, it must be true right? There are zombie invasions - you can not convince me otherwise no matter what. Then another one says whether I'll marry from an arranged marriage or a love affair. I can only imagine what people in love would go through if they happen to get the result that they will marry from an arranged marriage. Oh well, maybe they can arrange their marriage and be done with. There is a clear loophole. Then there's another one that tells you whether you attract good guys or bad boys. All good for the fairer sex, but I didn't even think of taking that one. It's a no-win situation for a guy, except if you're gay. Maybe the one who put that up could be gay for all we know. That reminds me that there was another one titled How gay are you?. God! But the things doesn't stop there. Another one says if you'd make a better man or a woman. Holy tolido! So are we supposed to change sex if it says we're in the wrong side? Jeez.

In case you're in doubt, there is one that helps you to find out that if your better half loves you as much as you love them. It's the end of cheating guys. And girls. Beware! The madness doesn't stop. There is some kind of chocolate calculator that tells me my age. WTF? Maybe we should make all the ladies take the quiz while that 'Truth Meter' thing fixed to their heads. That'll help. There's more. How addicted to FB are you? Yeah right. As if we didn't know. How common is your birthday and How common is your name! Surely a jobless statistics graduate. Another one tells me how confident I am. Too bad I wasn't confident enough to take that quiz. But you could always try How cool are you?. How cool is it to be judged cool by a cool FB quiz? But there are apparently jobless doctors too - who else can come up with a How good is your medical knowledge? That follows by a How lazy are you? Oh I don't need FB to tell me that - mom's been telling that all the time. But it also lets you know other important things such as how many people have a crush on you. It's only good it doesn't tell you that who has a crush on you. Otherwise things could get a lot messier and the girls might run out of shoes. Apparently, every FB user is going to be famous someday, in case you didn't know. Worry not people your time is coming. Just take the quiz. It says how you're going to be famous. Doesn't say whether you're going to be famous at all. So I came to the earlier conclusion. Cool eh?

Things get weirder when you take the three quizzes When will you get married, At which age will you die and How many times will you marry. Apparently I'm going to get married at the age of 46 and end up marrying three times.

The only glitch is I'm going to die before I marry.



  1. So you'll be saved from the Zombie invasion by becoming a Zombie groom? O.O

  2. cool .....
    well posted article for face book nuts...(Specially for girls)

  3. Great review on FB quizzes.. a very amusing one nevertheless! lol

    Reminds me.. some weeks back when I logged in to FB, my whole home page was covered in quiz results, to see.. just 1 person has taken about 50+ quizzes.. all in a row! O_O hehe.. and she's still taking quizzes.. lol

    And ya I've noticed some quizzes are really weird, some are wacky and some makes no sense. But I found a bunch of interesting ones too, and took them. They weren't that bad.. least my favorite IQ tests, brain dominance test and the sixth sense test..! LOL

  4. hey Duma... wt do u mean "especially for girls"??? =P I spend my whole mornin clicking "ignore" =)

  5. I'm with you on this one Sach. FB quizzes are becoming ways in which average people get compared to Superheroes and film stars. It's a little bit mad!

  6. lol so true, so true! i've been clicking 'hide' for ages, and for a span of a few days i thought i had won! but alas...

    hilarious... :D

  7. (Disclaimer: I did post the result of the quiz "What famous artist are you most like?" because the result was Georgia O’Keefe is my favorite painter.)

    Love it Sachintha! Some of the quizzes are very interesting but many are just ridiculous.

    Here are some of the strangest quizzes currently available (with my comments in parentheses):

    What SC County do you belong in?
    You need to know which South Carolina County you should really live in!
    (Oh no I don’t!)

    What Plastic Army Man Are You?
    (How do you identify with something that is not only a toy, but completely synthetic?)

    What Should You Get Pierced?
    (If you need to take a test to figure this out, you should stay away from needles or any other sharp object)

    What Kind of Drunk Are You?
    (Just ask your friends)

    Which Disney Girl Are You?
    (There’s more than one?)

    What will happen to you on prom night?
    (Don’t tell me! Let it be a surprise!)

    What is the name of the man you'll marry?
    (I’m assuming that by the time he proposes, he’ll have introduced himself)

    What Type of Tattoo Should You Get?
    (See pierced question)

    What crayon color are you?
    (But what if you’re a Magic Marker?)

    Which celebrity should you marry?
    (I already know the answer, there’s just the little matter of that restraining order…)

    What Palos Verdes high school should you go to?
    (Oh, drat it all! They won’t take you if you’re 46 years old)

    What is your purpose in life?
    (My cats already have this one covered)

    What "Periodic Element" are you?
    (What if I’m radioactive?)

    Are you a potato?
    (I’m going out on a limb here and say no)

    # Of Days You Will Survive In The Zombie Invasion
    (Oh good, now I can schedule my haircut!)

    Which crazy bitch are you?
    (What do you mean, which?)

    How would you do in a fight against Chuck Norris?
    (Depends on how fast he can run)

    Are you a bitch???
    (You have to ask?)

    What kind of hideous insect are you?
    (I’m not sure but I think I just stepped on myself)

    What candy bar are you most like?
    (Sometimes you feel like a nut…)

  8. @Dili
    Looks like it mate.

    But to be fair for the fairer sex, I know quite a few guys too who spent hours on FB.

    Wish I had that kind of time in my hand - I mean like that fifty quiz guy. LOL.

    Mad it is!
    But what can we do, other than just smile and keep clicking "hide"...

    Keep clicking hide bro, but don't expect to get rid of them all. I gave up that hope long ago.

    That's some list!
    Thanks for dropping by too.

  9. A friend of mine took the quiz "How long will your marriage last?". Her results said her marriage would last for 10-15 years. She and her husband have married 20 years now.

  10. :O
    Another point against stupid quizzes!

  11. oh i absolutely loved your header ...

  12. Just thought of sharing a way to end all these annoyances in facebook in two-steps http://bit.ly/bCXSC using a firefox add-on