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Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dilly's New Shot

Ugh, that didn't sound right.

But what I mean is the new shot Dilshan has invented. A sweep over the top of the keeper? Pretty outrageous if you ask me. But it's cool too. I mean you need some balls to play a shot like that, and some skills to get it right.

I think we should name it in honor of Dilshan. How about "Dilly Top Sweep"? We have the normal sweep, the paddle sweep, slog sweep and reverse sweep. Let's add this to the list as well!
Or are there any other suggestions?



  1. Yes this shot is sooo effective.
    And, it is only Dilshan who mastered it to perfection.
    But it is funny the way he looks....mmmmm I mean the way his face looks in this photograph.
    Hope he wont hurt his nose, try doing this mor often :-)

  2. He almost got out today trying to play that... he has that habit of overdoing something and getting out doesn't he? :D anyways I'd take it over his pullshot any day! lol ;)

  3. ela maxa shot eka!!
    new SL invention!!

  4. hhaha i was wondering about that shot. kinda like back when we used to play french cricket, but effective nonetheless.

  5. oops! is that a stroke in cricket? O_O I must have missed ages of cricket not to witness this singular shot before.. lol *I did miss* =D

    Anyway the shot looks totally unique.. and makes me wonder if he's playing TT (Table Tennis) with his cricket bat and the leather ball.. he's actually tossing the ball like a pancake! lol

    But yeah, a crazy shot nevertheless and a likely easy catch for the nearest fielder.. if his attempt failed. -__-

  6. @Peshala
    Yeah, if you get it right, a boundary is guaranteed. Only, I too hope he wouldn't get his face damaged!

    Yup, sometimes it seems like he think that every ball can be hit for a four or a six.


    Mighty effective, alright.

    Umm... yeah the newest invention in cricket!

  7. Sachintha ayya what about this one

    dillyscoop - http://dilmahforum.cricinfo.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1244700409/0#0

  8. O_o
    I must patent mine first!
    But Dilscoop sounds good too, to be honest!

  9. CAn u open a poll whether we name it dilly top sweep or any other!
    I think it's a good thing if we can get together and try to force icc or atleast commentators to call it "dilly's top sweep"
    Man that sounds pretty cool.

    Do u find any way to give ur comments to cricinfo, if yes write them too.

    I'm serious man!

  10. I was just making a joke.
    Besides, it's already been named:

  11. machoo man oka issellama dake lagan film eke....

  12. Looks like its gonna be re-branded "the Dilshan"

  13. I think cricinfo called it "The Dilscoop ".

    If you wanna make sure everyone adopt the term cricinfo is the place.