Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, October 5, 2009

Being Happy, Weekend and Cricket

If being happy is a crime, I'll probably be considered a serial killer these days. Perhaps a child molester or a rapist. And for you bastards out there who might use these words against me, no I'm neither one of those, it's just an analogy. But yes, I'm insanely happy these days, and when you feel like that, time flies like a, well, very fast. It is universally accepted that time passes double the normal speed during weekends which you should know only too well, but I think that this weekend was even double that. Saturday came and went before you know it, just managed to rearrange the room and cook some food. How many of you guys feel that rearranging your room is necessary? For me, I get tired of the same room arrangement if I am to stuck with one for more than two three months. Hence the necessity for some change. It's boring to just stick to one, isn't it? And I mean mundane stuff like this, not partners, mind you. Better stick to one when it comes to partners folks; it's got something to do with not getting AIDS or something like that. Try different styles with the same partner instead of the same style with different partners, they say. Who came up with that anyway? Some creative dude, I'm sure.

Then, on Sunday we were scheduled to play a cricket match - if you are a regular reader here you should already know that I started playing some hard ball cricket, but if you're not one of that elite bunch, well now you do. And in case you're not one of them, you should try to be one - a candy bar will be sent to all the regulars at the end of the year. Don't ask me how you guys are supposed to divide it - I let you decide by yourselves. Anyway. We were scheduled to play a forty over match, but we being Sri Lankans and the opposition being Indians we duly got late in typical Asian manner and it was decided that we will play 32-overs-a-side match. How they decided it should exactly be 32 is beyond me, I'd have preferred a more round figure like 30. Still, luckily our stand in captain won the toss and we elected to bat first and I got to go in at two down for twenty something runs. And played a satisfactory knock, 32 runs to be exact. Almost everyone chipped in and we made 201 all out in the last over. And the Indians were routed for 97. Cool eh? Actually we had a new guy coming in our team, let's call him J, though vastly talented than most of us. A leftie, and he was so fierce when he steamed in all the Indians were practically more concerned on not getting hit rather than scoring runs. Luckily we don't have practice sessions - facing J in practices would be a nightmare. And after few overs, they had given up all hopes of winning the match and were playing so dull cricket we had to invent new ways of getting them out. Like bowling juicy full tosses and letting them hit. It worked in the end though.

And now here I am back at work on a Monday, feeling pretty terrible as it is customary on Mondays. They should ban Mondays or something. Seriously. After five alarms I barely managed to get myself up this morning and naturally got late thirty minutes or so. But looking at the hit counter this morning made me chuckle, as one dude (assuming it's a dude) had googled how to find porn on facebook links and another, this time probably a girl though again I'm not entirely sure, had googled something funny to say on facebook to get him interested and ended up here. Hope they found what they were looking for, though I'm pretty sure I haven't posted links to porn on this blog. Still, always happy to be of help, I am.

Happy week ahead fellas!



  1. wow, J sounds like an impressive prospect... congrats on your 32! :)

    you have a great week too Sach! :D