Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nobody speaks for our human rights!

Saturday. At work. Tragic, I know. Shouldn't this be considered some kind of human rights violation, being made to work on Saturdays? That Amnesty International and all the other organizations so big on human rights and stuff need to do something about this. Surely they can't ignore such a cruel and inhuman act being carried out in public like this. Where are they when they are needed the most? Just imagine if they took the necessary steps and suddenly the cops break into our office and let us poor victims go freely! Dreaming, I know, but still that's a very pleasing thought. And just in case my boss or any other relevant party reading this, it was meant to be a joke. Of course I love to work, boss; there's nothing that can feel better than working hard for the betterment of my own as well as company's future. There, I covered my bases.


Tomorrow there's going to be another cricket match - a semi final in the T20 league we're playing in and hope we'll get through. Then we can think of winning the titled and how we would be glorified and stuff. Oh, no, I shouldn't talk like that, it's not politically correct. This, rather, is how I'm supposed to talk you know. Anyway, wish us luck people - we might need it. Thanks in advance.


It's lucky that I was always a bit of an ambidextrous. Probably because my mom's a total leftie (not leftie leftie though) and father's a right-handed. Still the hand that I can use better among the two is my right hand, but I write with my left hand and I bat left-handed. And I can use my left had better than a normal right hander would for tasks such as using tools, holding something, ride left handed on a foot bike and pretty much everything else. Also, though I write and draw with my left hand, I can use the right for both the tasks a bit well - of course it's slow, but better than a normal person I'm pretty sure. However, it's lucky because right now here at work I'm using three monitors and two computers with two mouses. Going off topic for a moment, but which is the correct term when it comes to the computer mouse - two mouses or two mice? If you can say Windows is shutting down, surely you can say two mouses can't you? No? Whatever. Anyway, yeah, luckily I could use both the hands so using a mouse with the left hand's a no problem really.


OK then fellas, I'm off. Enjoy your weekends while I'm stuck here with work. And I typed that whole sentence with my left hand.



  1. oooh Sach I like the new theme! But the header's all Greek to me! ;) lol

    I'm not too sure myself about what the plural of (computer) mouse is... :S

    All the best with the match Sach! Hope you pwn 'em!!! :D

  2. My.. such talent !
    Genius lay out that beats Picasso's Monalisa !
    Black ? I mean Blaaaaack ?
    Wots the matter japs ? you were all white no ?
    truth is you are becoming a bit of an old fart if not a blog whore. And i love trolling you japs.
    Go back to your earlier theme fool. This sucks, even to an anon troll !

  3. Dear Anon Troll, I'm humbled by your genuine interest at my supposedly crap blog. Why someone has such an interest on such a useless blog, though, beats me.
    Thanks for you concern though.

  4. @Chavie
    Dude, thanks but it isn't really a new theme - I just interchanged text and background colors and added a new heading. It's just that "Symbol" font, stupid I know.
    And I changed it permanantly and haven't decided yet whether I'll keep this or not. If I changed it our good old troll will say that I changed because of him, but like I care.

    And thanks for the wishes bro!

  5. Ignore the moron. Trolls are usually attention-seekers. However, he does have a point, you know. The new scheme is a little hard on the eyes...

  6. Anon, I will. And the lunatic is never going to make me pissed, good luck with that.

    As for the theme, as I said it's just a temporary one, and most probably I will switch back.