Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday

Fridays are happy day's aren't they? No, I'm not saying that Fridays are happy chaps or anything, just that we are so happy on Fridays, isn't it? Except perhaps if you have to work on Saturday. So here I am happily at work waiting for another four and a bit more hours to pass. As happy as I can be despite having absolutely no idea of how to fix a couple of bugs that I'm supposed to, but who cares anyway? Wish this bug fixing was as easy as that of Barn Buddy though - you just have to spray the bug spray and "blonng", the bug's gone, just like that.

Anyway, talking about bugs, I think this whole software business is a bit funny anyway. How many of you out there like your jobs? I must say I like mine, and judging by blog posts on Lankanosphere and status messages on FB, and the general feeling anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm in a rare breed regarding that. However, that's not to say that there aren't times that I feel like running up the wall, only I can't. Saying anything about you creative lot is a risky business as that old drummer fella once very correctly said, but still I'm going to take that risk being the brave soul I am and all that. You guys complain all the time about clients being assholes, not being ready to listen, and what not. But you can at least talk, hold meetings, explain, plead, cry, threaten or whatever else that you have to and perhaps at least get them to some kind of agreement. Try all that with a computer. If a code is wrong, it is wrong. No amount of explaining, pleading, crying or threats are going to change that. Even if you howl like a baby in front of them, they wouldn't even care. Threatening to smash the CPU and throw the monitor off the window doesn't even make them twitch. Tough bastards, these computers are. Or maybe they just know that we're bluffing - I'm pretty sure however much I am pissed, I'm not going to smash a goddamn PC here and pay for it from my wallet. But despite that, I like my job. The satisfaction you get when you come up with a decent algorithm, or a piece of code that work so seamlessly is immense.

OK then, that's about all what I have to say, and even that wasn't really anything important was it? Maybe that's the best thing about blogging - you can say whatever you want to despite the very likelihood of nobody really listening (reading, to be more accurate) and still be really happy about it. Just like I did right now.

Happy Weekend Folks!



  1. I love that last para... and I've come to realise recently that I should write about what makes me happy instead of what other's might consider 'interesting'! :)

    This was a pretty useful post for me, since I'm planning to work in the IT sector someday... and as for PCs, I think they're pretty self-aware, but don't show it! sneaky bastards! hehe :D

  2. Thanks dude.
    And definitely, you should write to satisfy yourself first, then the others.
    Good luck with your future!

  3. my bro's into software engineering...and I hear quite a bit about bugs whenever he's working for days at a stretch or working till late night....

    the cursed word is 'bug'..:)

  4. Tell me one thing. Did you enjoy this whole software thing ever? I mean before the job? Just to know :)

    [If you reply say my name. Coz then I'm gonna find it for sure.]

  5. @LD
    Ah the cursed bugs!

    Well, actually I think I did. To be honest, before the job it was more fun because there was no responsibility like now, but yeah I did and I still do.