Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Dreams And Other Things

The title of this post was supposed to be "Something and other things" and that something was supposed to be replaced with something else which I have forgotten now. Did that make any sense? OK let me explain. This morning I was just about to start typing this post when my boss called me in for a meeting with my project development team. And after more than two hours of listening and pretending to understand whatever that they were talking about, honestly I forgot what I sat down to write about. So I decided to go with the other thing that's on my mind. Dreams.

Right, do you remember your dreams? I suppose so, at least some of them must because I have a friend who's certain to dream some weird dream every night and she remembers the every little detail the next morning. Certainly she is not sharing everything she dreams about, but the bit she does is interesting enough that I wonder how good the rest could be. Ha! But me, I think I do dream because every morning I vaguely remember that I dreamt of something but never really can make out the details. It's just dreamy. Yesterday was an exception though. I dreamt that I was hiking with some of my best university friends, in paradise, and it felt so real. We were actually climbing down, and on the way in a remote village there was a guy selling Rambutan. Of course there's nothing unusual about it except for the fact that they were approximately the size of an apple! Just imagine, juicy red Rambutans the size of apples! WOW! I think I woke just then so couldn't really taste them. But I put my money on them that they should taste the best in the world. I blame LD for this though. She recently talked about Mangustine and Rambutan near the police park, which should definitely have caused the weird dream. *Sigh*... By the way I hope her Mandy will get well soon. :)

Talking about Rambutan after a nice meal makes me drowsy though. Speaking of which I think I'm mostly drowsy while at work, but usually fully awake at midnight everyday. Ayyoo.... I just wish my boss would allow me a couple of hours of sleep everyday, preferably after the lunch. Hmm... wishful thinking. Forget about sleep, the bastard wouldn't even let me read a blog or two. I've been reading Wijitha's blog last few days, but I'm still not done yet. These Japs don't understand that it's a part of the job - reading blogs that is. Anyway, I am going to finish it soon so that'd make the fourth blog that I have read from the very first post to the very last, the other three being Gutterflower's, Jade's and RD's. I don't think I even need to provide links to them for they are so very popular blogs, besides even if I needed to, I can't because I'm too lazy for that. Remember, hello, I'm so drowsy.

Oh, and just now I get a mail from a Joy Helson, who's a beautiful, humble, caring, kind and romantic young girl - according to herself - who thinks that we two would make an item. Right, of course, why wouldn't we? She wants me to email her and she's sure that something good will come out of this soon. The only thing I can think of that will come out of this is my inbox flooding with some more emails, next time asking me for my credit card. Besides the email is in pink letters. You know how much I'm scared of the combination of pink letters and women, right?

Forget about women, Prison Break re-starts today! And I heard that they are going to end it for good this time around. About time, I say. Honestly season 1 was the best TV series I've ever seen, 2 also was OK, but by the season 3 it pretty much sucked. Surprisingly S4 is somewhat good. Every good thing must come to an end, but they are already too late, yet it's better late than never I guess. Oh, also IPL, INDIAN Premier League that is, starts in SOUTH AFRICA soon. Not sure when exactly, and didn't bother to find out either. Honestly, who gives a shit. I certainly don't. T20 sucks, Test cricket rocks. End of story.

The lunch break is coming to an end, so gotta go peeps. By the way, I went to a garden nearby last weekend, and it was simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! There were tulips, poppies, daffodils and what not. Of all colors imaginable. Well not really, but you know what I mean right? So, here are some pics for you guys.

Oh and have a nice weekend fellas!



  1. Wow I read your train post... I really would've melted onto the floor!! and in a strange foreign country too... I mean O.o hehe

    And you read all of RD's and Gutterflower's posts? *awe* :O

  2. Love the pics! And I agree, T20 is useless.

  3. Wow - You've read all of my posts?? Thank you Sach, you must have been very bored!

    Nice pics, particularly the red and white ones.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! The first pic is my favourite. And about dreams, I usually have very vivid dreams and remember most of them - so much so that certain dreams even make my day the next morning!

  5. @Chavie
    Yeah it was embarassing then, but when you think of it now it is funny too...
    Yeah read them all, captivating - those guys are...

    Thanks! And I guess the spring must have arrived there in UK as well?
    Ha, another T20 hater! Welcome to the club! LOL

    Yeah I was so bored I decided not to read your blog anymore. :P
    Yeah those read and white ones are my favs too. They just looked so awesome...

    My my, you remember them so well?

  6. Sach, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog. Incidentally, I should read it all over again too - just to refresh my mind and remind myself of the crap I’ve written (sometimes). Heh he.

  7. Woah. You read every one of my posts? I'm very, very flattered!
    And nice pics btw. Checked your photo blog as well. Nice stuff.