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Home Sweet Home

Friday, April 24, 2009

Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

The End posted a one liner saying that the Lankanosphere is not the warm, nice place it used to be. Then the Drummer wondered what this whole saga is all about. And before that many others have been putting their two cents in via so many posts and comments that if Indi were to be paid two cents every time, he must have become a millionaire by now. With my two cents here, his earnings increase to one million rupees and two cents now.

But all this time I chose to keep silent and observed the whole thing without interfering though Heisenberg says it's impossible. While most of the people were rallying in support of the Drummer and crucifying NB, I didn't do either. I didn't even do the other way around though had I done that it might have given me a temporary (yes, temporary) bucketload of comments, hits and fame. But I didn't do any of that. Not because I don't like the Drummer, or that I approve what NB did. I do enjoy the Drummer's posts immensely, maybe apart from the ones that are about drumming and gigs. Ironic, isn't it? And I respect the guy for his conduct, at least most of the time. I must also say that I like NB's posts - well some of them - as they added something that was missing from the blogsphere - boldness and aggression, thought that's two things, not one. But why then? Because, in my honest opinion, it wasn't worth making such a big - come to think of it, saying big is an understatement - fuss about it.

But the purpose of this post is not to bring up the whole saga again. Rather, to say something about the aftermath of it. As I can see many bloggers are very uneasy about the things that are going on. Simply put, they are out of their comfort zones. Yes there was the odd one or two like Maharajah, but they always faded away. It was just a matter of time. But not this time. This time, NB didn't fade away, or at least not yet. People were thrown out of their comfort zones, and all of a sudden everyone's worried about the next thing they are going to say. Nobody could have put it better than The End did. The Sri Lankan Blogsphere is not the warm nice place it used to be, he says. No dude, it isn't. In fact, it's just like life. They say that cricket emulates life - can't disagree with that - but so does the Lankanosphere. Nobody's, and I mean nobody's life is a bed of roses. There are the times that everything's so warm and cozy, but isn't it always like the calm before the storm? You always hit a rough end, sooner or later.

Unfortunately or fortunately - depending on the angle you chose to look at it - the ship that is the Lankanosphere has hit a storm. Cozy beds no more. Gone is the comfort. But worry not fellas, the storm always passes and the clear blue skies await you. It is bound to happen, and until it does, all you have to do is be patient and move on. It's about time we stop bickering - I mean all of us - and move on.

Life's not fair guys, deal with it.



  1. There were similar sentiments when Moju imploded a few years ago, but it passed. Just a storm in a teacup in the bigger sense of things.

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  3. in reply to one liner .
    The Sri Lankan Blogsphere is not the warm nice place it used to be
    i said

    “used to be” or imagined to be ? too much reality bad for fantasy ?
    it is a pity that some ppl want to filter (one person actually wrote this word in connection with this) reality of what they do not like. they are free to live in a cocoon if they want ( though they will get lot of jokes at their expense) but should they try to ban others ( esp the jokers)?
    there is only one "right " answer to that question.

  4. Blacker, couldn't agree more.

    Sittingnut, yes I read your latest post as well. It was not my intention to discuss whether the bloggers that we are talking about here are the core of the SLBlogsphere or not. It's a topic that begs a post of it's own I guess, so let's not go into that here. Hence, for the sake of this discussion let's establish that the bloggers I was talking about are the English bloggers here in Kottu. Do note that I do not imply that Sinhala/Tamil bloggers are any less important. So if we call this bunch of bloggers the SLBlogsphere, then they were in some sort of a comfortable warm place bar the odd incident. So, I see some validity to that one liner.

    Then, I too am against banning bloggers because blogging itself is termed as a place where people are free to say whatever they can. Hence the popular term "Because I can". But, there is a line, an invicible line if I may, that every blogger need to make sure that they don't cross. So I prefer that everyone made sure they don't cross the line rather than someone else, or a collective force force them to do so.

    Revealing other people's identity is one such thing. It is unacceptable. So Indi does have a right to ban the fellow. Even if he didn't, he still could because IT'S HIT SITE! So I don't see why we need to be bothered about it. Also, as you yourself said, Kottu is not everything, though probably the largest aggregader - in SL that is.

    Hence, my reply is he can ban anyone if he wants to, you or me can't argue with that.

    Live will go on...

  5. Hey Man, bed is rosier, when it is rough and stormy! and steamy! :) You have right to your opinions and even though I do not completely agree, I respect them! I always filter spologs! (Then why am I here? must something wrong with my rules!)
    Yes Sachintha, this will pass too!

  6. Well, someone was complaining that the Sri Lankan blogsphere was getting boring... wasn’t you, was it?