Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday...

... to everyone who celebrate their birthday today!

Hey, no, wait, I'm not mocking you guys. I promise. In fact, I was just wondering... what would it be like to have to celebrate your birthday today? Would you celebrate at all? Well, OK, why shouldn't you... but then... I mean... let's face it, do you really want to celebrate your b'day on April Fools day? OK it's just another one of those stupid days I know. But still...

But worry not my friends, you're not alone. In fact, you're a part of a very much elite list.

Believe me, an emperor was born today. The Emperor Go-Saga of Japan. Ever heard about William Harvey, that famous physician? He's done something about explaining blood circulation of the human body. And then Sophie Germain. I'm sure you haven't heard of her. But man, she was a great mathematician and made significant contributions to the study of Fermat's Last Theorem. Have you heard about that? Well, there you have the link. Oh and don't forget Nikolai Gogol, the famous Russian writer. Wait, there's more. How about Edgar Wallace? Another English writer who wrote 175 novels! Jeez man! Must surely have been jobless. But he wrote the screenplay of original King Kong too. So... well... couldn't be bad... There are more! David Gover. Former English Cricketer, the classy batsman. And Stephen Fleming. You know, inarguably the best NZ captain. And Randy Orton. Well, maybe he's the only one in that list who deserves to be born that day.

So, see my friends, there's nothing to worry about!
Celebrate it, and HAVE A BLAST!


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  1. IT's actually my aunt's b'day today! and she is a bit nutty..come to think of it! ;)