Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Was Robbed!

And apparently I didn't know about it for a while.

I have a foot bike, the mountain type. Or had, I should say. Last Saturday, I thought I'd go for a ride so went to the parking slot to get the bike which wasn't there. But I wasn't surprised, because there are a few other Sri Lankans here with me and one of them might have burrowed it without telling me. That's what we islanders do right? I made a mental note to ask the guys if they took it, but promptly forgot. That's me.

So, last night, another friend who's here with me called me and asked what's my bike's brand because he wanted to buy a new one. And since I didn't know what the brand was (yes, that's me again) he asked me to go out and check it. I said it's not at my place, so we called one of the other guys.

Hey, you got my bike?

Your bike?

Yes my bike.

I thought you must have given it to someone else already or something... Because I parked my bike in your slot the other day and yours wasn't there. Actually I was going to ask you about it, but forgot.

Ah, you mean last weekend?

Mmm.... not exactly. More like a couple of months ago, I think.

Oh well...

Actually, I didn't even see my bike for a few months. Ever since the winter started I just abandoned it. Honestly who rides a bike in the goddamn winter? But apparently someone does.




  1. hahaha... maaan! :D

    "But apparently someone does.


    cracking! :D

  2. oh boy! and you never even checked on it for 2 months? :S

  3. Oh no that sucks :( Was it a good bike, or a crappy one? Mine's crappy but I'm still worried about it getting stolen...far too many bike thieves in this place. Did you not have a good lock?

  4. Anon, thanks!

    LD, well no I didn't.
    I don't share with my bike the same passion you do with Mandy...

    CB, yeah I know...

    PR, LOL it's OK...
    Yeah the bike was a pretty OK one... but what to do?
    I did have a lock, but anybody could just pick it up and go...

  5. Sach, word of advice:
    Sorry bro, I can’t help but laughing my ass off on this one!

  6. SI, no no it must have been a Jap, not a Sri Lankan. Definitely.
    There are Sri Lankans around me, but all of them work in the same company as I do and I'm damn sure they wouldn't steal.
    It is indeed a Jap... LOL...

  7. LOL LOL Oh god, im dying :) :) thk u for the story....made my day :) errr.. BTW, sorry about the loss :{

  8. I don't mean to laugh but teeehee =D

  9. RD, thanks!
    But it is not so excellent for my wallet I guess. I'm contemplating the idea of buying a new one...

    The Single Couple, thanks and no worries...

    Sabby, :)

  10. Sorry abt the bike dude...

    If you know abt this band called Lit, theres an intersting song abt the lead singer.. he went into making music after some person stole his favorite bike,i know ur nt possed as much but it may lead up to something interesting..lol

  11. You like Bikes ???? Kid :-)
    Hey I am sorry about the bike.

  12. Realskullzero, thanks mate, it's alright!
    But hey, OMG, so I'm going to be a lead singer? WOW, how cool is that?

    NB, aren't we all some sort of kids?
    Yeah I like bikes...
    Thanks dude...