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Home Sweet Home

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Immovable Object and Unstoppable Force

What happens when an immovable object is met with an unstoppable force?
Come to think of it, seems like a good way of putting the whole NB - RD Saga into words, if that is the correct term though I have trouble deciding who's which.

But that's not what I meant to say.

I was thinking of this scenario for a while. It was - or is - really bothering me. Just imagine that situation, a force which by all means is unstoppable is coming towards a rock solid object that can never be moved. Whoa! That's a thought.

According to Wiki that cannot happen. If there is such a thing as an unstoppable force, then there can't be an immovable object. And vice versa. Supposedly Issac Asimov answered this in one of his books, that these two cannot exist in the same universe, at the same time. There's room for only one he said.

But I don't like that answer. As much as that makes sense, it seems like he just found a way to get away from the question. I mean, what if they both can exist in the same universe? Maybe they are just never meant to meet. When they do, BANG! The End?

I also found a bit different explanation. Unstoppable force means infinite momentum. Then the immovable object implies infinite inertia. Hence, the unstoppable force will have infinite energy while the immovable object will be ready to absorb infinite energy. Now that's a cool idea. So they argue that when those two meet, they will look like they have come to a rest but in fact they are transferring infinite energy. From one to the other, and since it is infinite energy, it will go on like that forever!

Gee, am I loosing my mind. Sorry, just wondering aloud.
Over and out!
Cheers fellas!



  1. “...since it is infinite energy, it will go on like that forever!”

    I hope not. Heh he. :D

  2. Why S, it's a fun thought!
    See, Jade thinks of things like this when she's stoned. I do even without getting stoned. Man... I must get a checkup soon...

  3. woah. nice post man! and ur an asimov fan! and i think the final concept looks the most interesting to me..

  4. Oh Whack, you too?
    He's amazing isn't he?