Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just remembered...

... what I was supposed to write my previous post about.


Do you stargaze? I mean, really stargaze. Not just observing the sky for astronomical purposes, or just because you're a nut. No not that. Pure stargazing. I do that time to time, and when you're really into it, it is an amazing feeling.

Before I came to Japan, while I was still in the Paradise, I learned Japanese for about a year. One of my teachers was a Japanese guy, who's married to a Sri Lankan lady and he lives there for over twenty years now. So one day we were just having a chit-chat with him and we asked him about his home, family and stuff. The conversation went like this.

Sir, do you not miss home?

Of course I do son, who doesn't? As much as this is a paradise for you, Japan is one for me.

Yeah... I agree... so what do you do then? Call home, talk to your parents etc?

Well that too. But you can't do that all the time can you?


But you can stargaze, always...

Err.... what, sir?

See son, from wherever in the world you look at it, the sky is the same. Specially at night, the moon, the stars, everything. There is something about the sky at night... So, when I feel alone sometimes, when I miss home, I stargaze... it makes me forget that I'm in a strange land, that I'm away from home. In fact, it makes you feel that you are home...

Fast forward a year.

Here I am, in a strange land, all alone. Though I do have a bunch of friends here with me, and that some others in SL and all over the world, thought I can talk to them because of the wonders of the modern communication, despite all that you still do feel alone at times. And you do miss home. So I took his advice, went out in clear nights and started doing it. Trust me, it is awesome! The sky indeed is a wonderful thing, it can just make you forget all your worries in an instance... makes you feel home...

You should try it sometimes....



  1. So true, and it’s a beautiful feeling...

  2. Stargazing is fun, but I am not too serious about it yet. I am curious: if you want to show a particular star to another person, how do you do that apart from describing its location and pointing your hand to in its general direction?

  3. Perfectly said Sach.

    However, I find looking at the moon gives you more connect coz it just is one moon, regardless of where you are. Stars as beautiful as they are, are there in the millions... the moon, well it's just her. :)

  4. One of my favourite things to do:-) stargazing and just looking at the sky in general...ppl shud do it more often dontcha think? there's always something new to see up there...the sky never fails to amaze me...

    Peace and Love

  5. Hey love this post. Sorry I have not been reading your posts with all that Bad Boy cowboy act by me :-) Will go through all your pervious posts that I missed :-)

  6. @Whacko


    Neither am I serious, in the astronomical thing. It is more a sentimental thing, if anything I guess.
    Btw, showing a particular star? Hmm... if anything it should be fun!

    Yeah, moon is amazing... it's the same thing.. the moon, the stars... the whole things is so serene...

    Yeah, they should...

    Thanks bro. No worries...
    And yeah, I saw your stunt... LOL...
    Just observed things passively...