Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Real friends are worth...

...their weight in Gold.

No I'm not trying to say that you must try to have as much obese friends as possible, though even if you do that's OK. Neither do I imply that you need to get a whole bunch of average sized friends. But hey, having a few real friends, people who can make you smile even when the things look totally hopeless, IS bliss. Trust me.

Last night I was home at about 9 p.m. after a pretty long day at work. Yes dammit, working on a Sinhala New Year day is bad enough, but it is worse when you think of all the good food you could have eaten were you back home and all the fun you could have had. And things get even worse when you have a friend who is kind enough to remind you about all that and then also remind you that you can't have them. At least I'm glad that friend can't have them either. Ha!

Anyway, I started watching the latest episode of Heroes out of utter boredom. Oh yes, Heroes has become so boring these days I watch it only out of habit. Besides, in the latest episode Angella Petrelli forms another company so we're back to square one. *Sigh*. When will the cheerleader save the world so we can relax. Never, I suppose.

OK so I wasted the whole previous chapter telling you useless things about Heroes. Oh by the way, did I spoil it for the guys who didn't watch it yet? Cool.

Right. I was watching Heroes, trying to forget the good times I could have had were I back in Paradise. And it took me three-and-a-half-hours to watch just that one episode! Yes, almost all the good buddies, from all over the world did not forget to drop in - not literally - and say hi, send me their wishes, just to remind me that they do care. It was really nice, and made me realize that I am not alone...

I also learned that watching a TV series, or a movie or whatever on a festive day, specially if you are not in Sri Lanka is not really a good thing. It's a bit hard to keep track of what happened a few minutes ago. Also I learned that chatting with six people at the same time - three on Skype, two on Yahoo and one on FB - while on a conference call on Skype with two other people, while also trying to reply to status messages and group threads on FB, not to mention the comments on blogs, is not really a good idea.

But having a bunch of so nice friends, on the other hand, is indeed a bliss. Simple pleasures like that do make you smile, and they do remind you that life is worth living...

Thank you all my dear friends!



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  2. Heh he. Yeah, being away sucks! BTW, thank you for the nominations, and I’ve mentioned you in my post here:

  3. love you sachsach :)
    and you'll always be a winner to me too :D

  4. I follow Heroes.. and I too was getting bored with it.. but now it's taking a better turn me thinks..
    also, i can't wait for Prison Break!!!:)

  5. I love your blog! Couldn't help smiling about the Heroes bit!!! :D I watched the first Season and gave up on it.
    But on a serious note, that's true. TRUE friends are worth their weight in gold. Every ounce of it!

    Cheers Sach!

  6. No prob, SI.

    Milla, love you too!

    LD, umm.. I don't know... I kinda lost the interest. But yey, PB rocks! And I heard they are going to end it this season which is very good news. In fact they should have ended it when they finished Season 2. If you drag them too much people lose interest. Just look at 24. Sucks now...

    PP, Thanks! That means so much!
    Yeah, in Heroes now there are too many people with a bit too many abilities. Honestly... Also it is going in circles... no real story...
    About friends, yeah, as I said they make your life wonderful...