Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rome, here I come!

Finally, the summer vacation has arrived! A much needed and well deserved one, after probably few of the most hectic months of my life. And yours truly will be flying to Rome tomorrow, hoping to spend some time there as well as in Venice. Those are two places I always wanted to go see since, well, ever since I wanted to go there. Roman Colosseum is something that always amazed me, so is the wonderful city - well I think it is wonderful - of Venice. Can't wait, though I'd be glad if I could skip the twenty or so hour plane ride. How cool would it have been if I could just disapperate and apperate like Harry Potter.

Will be staying at my Aunt's place there. Despite being relatives, they are actually so nice people. Defies all logic, I know, for 'nice' and 'relatives' aren't two words that usually you can put in one sentence unless you throw in a 'not' there. But there are exceptions sometimes, and consider this one of them. Will also get to meet my favorite cousin sister after a long long time. When we were back in Sri Lanka we were like so close friends and couldn't really be separated, so, am eagerly waiting to see her again.

OK then peeps, I'll be off blogging for a while, but will try to come back as soon as the vacation is over. Until then, goodbye all and have a nice weekend!



  1. I realized I haven't written a comment here in ages but I assure you that I have been reading =)
    Have a great holiday! I would love to visit Rome one day too, Paris is just a bit overrated but Rome would be lovely =)

  2. have an awesome time Sach! have fun and remember to take plenty of photos... :D

  3. Me is jealous!!!:P
    have fun.. I've always wanted to go to Italy and Rome too....:)
    Take pics..:)

    take care..:)

  4. Have an awesome trip! Rome is amazing. Try some of the non-touristy 'local' hangouts as well...well worth it!

    I thought Venice was a bit over-priced and plain in comparison, but maybe that's 'cos I was on a student budget. It's still worth visiting though...have fun!

  5. Wow..Venice & Italy! And you have 'nice' relatives there who wouldn't mind you crashing on them and eating all their food :P You're so lucky and I am so jealous!

  6. Wow great! Lucky you.. to have such nice relatives out there.. And yep Venice is a beauty and Colosseum is a marvel.. I'm glued to TV whenever there's a documentary about the latter. =D Don't forgetta bring us lotsa pics.

    And hope you're having a wonderful time out there!

  7. Sabby!
    Where have you been? Glad to know that you still visit here, but was really missing your posts.

    Chavie, thanks man. And I did take a lot of pics. Will post soon.

    Don't be! You too had a great time no?

    PR, it was awesome! Venice was lovely!

    Sometimes you have such relatives.

    Thanks buddy.