Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, July 27, 2009

Of Friends and Circles

Do you have a circle of trust, or more accurately, circles of trust? I think we all do. They are concentric circles right? That is they all share the same centre point but are of different radius. Normally the outer most circle contains most of the people you know, obviously other than the ones you don't trust. They are outside the outer most circle, in case you're wondering where they are. Then, the ones you trust a bit more, among those people are in the next inner circle, and so on. The inner most circle contains the people you truly trust, the ones you trust your life with. Bigger the inner most circle, luckier you are, it is said, though if your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife happens not to be in it while others are, your luck might change to no luck at all before you know it. So obviously you need to be careful so as to with whom you share your circle information.

Usually I'm very much an outgoing person, somebody who can get along with almost anyone bar the odd lunatic, perhaps because the north poles of two magnets cannot be brought together. Ever. I do have a lot of friends, and I easily make friends too, everywhere I go. But, among them, there are only a handful, very few people, whom I really trust and for whom I'd do anything. In other words, my so called inner circle is very small. They don't come easily, sometimes it takes years to trust someone, to be able to call them true friends. And you should not try to haste it. Once I learned the hard way why you shouldn't treat them that way until you really get to know them. Because, once you trust someone that much it is hard and painful when they finally chose to show that they are not really that trustworthy.

Gosh I'm straying away. Right, back on track. What I wanted to say is, those great friends don't come easily and once they do, you better not let them fall apart. However great friends they are, still they're human and humans do make mistakes. And they are bound to hurt you, maybe not intentionally, but still they will. At least most of them. Somewhere along the line. If and when they do, if you are prepared to be tolerant, if you are prepared to accept that those mistakes are not intentional, if you are prepared to forgive and move along, then most probably you'll be able to keep your inner circle from being reduced. Sometimes I feel that I'm not tolerant enough, maybe I am or maybe I'm not, it's just a feeling that I get. Who knows.

Also it'd be a great thing to actually let them know, rather than keeping it to yourself that how much you value your friends. Just imagine what your life would be without those few people you really care for. And, I wish that none of you will have to endure that, but you might not get another chance to tell them that. Don't let yourself regret it for the rest of your life. So go ahead, pick up the phone, or email them, or whatever the way just take a minute to tell them what you feel about them and what they are worth to you.

Those few people truly make my life worth living, and for that I am so grateful to them. So, in a way, this post is for them, for making my life a better one. Thank you guys, for being there for me all the time, not just in joy but also in sorrow. You are truly special.

Oh, and everyone, a happy week ahead!



  1. Great post! U too have a great week!

  2. Wow.. somebody's gone emo! lol hehe.. just kidding. Nah seriously your post is excellent, the best I've seen so far! *No, I'm not flattering, I'm actually praising* =D

    It's a good eye opener for me.. cuz it reminded me of some things I've ignored for the last couple of years. Thanks a lot. ^__^

  3. @Santhoshi

    Actually that's the first thought came to my mind when I finished this. Damn I just finished an emo post after a long tie.