Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had a 'Paduru Party' last Saturday. A lovely evening among friends, blended with wonderful Sri Lankan music is always something special, but when you get Maiyokka with Pol Sambol for dinner, you just can't ask for more. Especially if you live thousands of miles away from home.

Towards the end, music was so good that people got up and started dancing, to the rhythms we islanders are so used to. We just have it in us, don't we? I took a few photos, and one of them turned out really well, probably one of the better ones I've ever taken, me thinks. It just contains the music and the rhythm in it, trust me even if I tell you. Here it is.



  1. Great! sounds like you had loadsa fun.. And yep, pol sambol and manioc are delicious.. but didn't know you can have them for dinner. =D

  2. You can have manioc anytime you please, as long as it isn't followed immediately with Ginger tea.


  3. @Harumi
    Who cares whether it's lunch, dinner or breakfast as long as you get them?

    I know that this is newly acquired information for you.
    Good that you remember it.