Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Bookmarks Folder and My room

Yes that's right.
Remember those games where you are supposed to talk about two completely different things? OK so I'll show you that there are many similarities in my room and my bookmarks folder.
  • To start with, they're both mine.
  • They both have designate places to put everything. In my room there are closets, cupboards, tables and what not, you know.. so I have a place for everything. In my bookmarks folder, it is neatly categorized so I can put everything in it's place.
  • At the beginning, they both function properly. I put everything in it's place.
  • After a while, slowly things start to get, er... wilder. Everything in my room will be on the floor and everything in my bookmarks folder will be in my main menu.
  • And soon it gets messed up so much that I can no longer ignore. Thus, with much effort I clean them both after a while.
  • Then they follow the earlier cycle again. And again. And again..
To illustrate the point, here are two pics. One of my bookmarks folder and the other of my room.

My Bookmarks folder:

My room:

Oh well, that's not exactly my room. But maybe that's the one difference in those two.
I can show you my bookmarks, but I cannot really show you my room.

It's that much messed up.



  1. Thanks to your bookmarks, we now know:
    - You attended St Anthony's Kandy
    - You were born in 1981
    - Your gmail address is sachintha81@gmail.com
    - You like cricket
    - You use firefox
    - You visited something called 'Masturbating to ads'
    - That Ranjith Fernando sucks

    Heeehe! =)

  2. Jeez you were not supposed to look at the bigger image! LOL
    But you can find all those in my blog as well!
    Masturbating to ads, well that was a blog - which was on Kottu! So don't blame me!
    And trust me, Ranjit Frernando does suck!

  3. Hmmm... but perhaps the room is more interesting? and we could help you spot things in it..:Dlol

    and thanks to Sabby, we now know more about you..:D

  4. I have stopped cleaning up my room...got used to the 'contained chaos'.... :D

  5. wow, so many book marks, join the club ! u should see mine. I am in the same boat as u , many folders, many paths wrapped and saved thanks to the book mark thingy.

  6. so you live in some sort of black hole vaccum ?

  7. LD, trust me you don't wanna see that room!

    Sachith, yeah I know what you mean. But then there comes a time when I can no longer ignore.

    Sids yeah I can imagine. Actually what makes things worst is I use foxmarks, so the bookmarks pile up cos items get bookmarked both at my apartment and at work...

    Damith, hmm... you could say so... :D