Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, November 14, 2008

I've never...

Continuing the 'open tag' policy going on, I also join the bandwagon.
Here we go.

I've never
  • punched anyone on the face, though there are a few I would like to.
  • really liked the idea of eating eggs raw.
  • been able to understand what is it so cool about Iraj's hand gestures.
  • had a serious row with my X. Ever.
  • really cared about money.
  • been to Sripaada. I know, I know...
  • thought I'd be living in another country. I never really wanted to.
  • thought people could change the way some of them did.
  • completely prepared for an exam.
  • ever enjoyed shopping. Jeez... how can you?
  • thought that I'll be cooking my food, cleaning my house and what not. But here I am...

I'm tagging Sabby, Gutterflower, Angel and Sach.