Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm moving. Oh fuck!

I've been living in Nagano for the last five months.
For those who don't know, here is the Wiki entry and for those who are lazy enough even to read that, it's like the Mahiyanganaya in Japan. Oh I know, it's bad to make fun of rural areas and all.

But still.

So... as I said before, I've been living here for the last five months, it's been pretty lonely most of the time cos there aren't many Sri Lankans - not even many Japs, for that matter. And that's what I meant by it's like Mahiyanganaya in Japan. Not that there aren't many facilities here, but just it's very people less. What comes to your mind when you say Japan? Huge skyscrapers, so many people on the streets that you can't see your own feet, huge traffic that you can arrive at the office the following morning, things like that right?

Well none of that is here. The tallest building is like five or six stories, there are like twenty or thirty people on the streets in the busiest hours and you can drive zig-zag on roads without hitting a soul.

OK that's a bit exaggerated, I admit, but you know what I mean right?

Anyway, what I was saying is that I've got used to it here now. In a way it's sort of really refreshing. There are beautiful mountains all around and it's a bless to be in a place like this rather than being in the middle of all that concrete shit. So I liked it here, sort of, except for the fact that it's fucken cold here! Jeez... that's a pain...

And now I have to move back to Tokyo again.

Now I have to change the lifestyle I've used to. My new office will be like an hour or so away from my apartment meaning I will have to get up an hour or so earlier. Oh fuck! Specially since I'm not really a morning person.
Again, *sigh*
OK that's enough.

The worst part is, I have to do all the packing now. It's a fucking pain in the arse if you ask me. It was like this yesterday night.
I put different thing into different groups. Clothes in one pile. Books, CDs and other computer stuff in another. All the cooking pans and spice containers and what not in another and so on. So then I put the cooking stuff in the appropriate box and taped it. Only to find out there were some left in the refrigerator. Nice. So left it aside and started with clothes. One full luggage and the rest in a box. Taped that too. And then just remembered there are washed ones are still in the washing machine. Great. Wonderful. Absofuckinglutely wonderful. So put them to dry and opened both the boxes again. And put those remaining pans and all in that box before taping it again.
Taping? Oh you just forgot smartypants, you wasted it all on the previous box.


Right, so now I've got to go out and buy a new one. And did I tell you that it's fucking cold out there?

I've just had enough.

Jumped on to the bed and started watching 24. Season 5. Jack was being set up. AGAIN! Man, I think that man has more lives than the rest of the US put together. But still it's better than going out to get a tape roll in that cold.

Jack, if you ever feel like it, just buzz me and I'll gladly exchange my life for yours.



  1. your writing style is getting so much better!
    damn! I love reading yours more now..:D

    oh well, you know what they say...
    "shyt happens mate"..:D

  2. hahahaa...man!!! thats one freakin moving story..lol. hope you get evrythin together soon....

  3. hiya. there you are. any luck with the cooking?
    moving is a pain, but you'll have loads better stores in a big city.

  4. Do try to reduce the use of "fuck" in your blogs.. It has it's uses, but I think this is too much.. What the fuck?

    - Solomon

  5. Thanks LD, thank you so much... really appreciate it!
    Oh yeah shit happens... anyway I came to Tokyo and now just settling down... most of the stuff are still in boxes though.. need to get them sorted soon...

    Realskullzero, thanks.. and yeah... just getting things together...

    Pradeep, yup I tried some and got one really well... Thanks mate...

    Anon, WTF? LOL...

  6. never switch lives with jack, you will never have time to watch cricket again.

  7. Oh I will... remember, he's Jack and he can do anything! LOL...