Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, November 21, 2008

Food Rants...

Now that LadyD and DeeCee have gone on and made me envy them, I though I might as well write something about some good shit that would make them envy me.

So I thought. Hard.

Fucking hard.

Absofuckinglutely hard.

And finally realized that there is nothing really I have here could make them such.


How much do I miss good ol' Sri Lankan food?
My mom's cooking...

Ain't this heaven?

Pittu with Lunumiris for breakfast? Or Kiribath and Lunumiris? Or think about Idi Aappa with Pol Sambol and Parippu. Man... now I can't stop this. The list goes on. And rice and curry. I'm so lazy to cook ( even if I do, only I can eat them ) that I hardly ever have those good stuff. I haven't eaten a Papadam in nine months. Rice with Pol Sambol and Papadam and Parippu is heaven! Aaaahhh... A parippu wadey. *Sigh*. Then those sweet Pancakes, Lawariya and what not. Jeez... I think I'm going to die here. And add to that Choc Rotti, the newest invention. I think I should sue the people who go eat all that shit and then blog about it too.

OK. I feel a bit better now. :P

Instead of all those, I've been eating this kind of things here.

I know for a fact that most of us Sri Lankans go like Jeez... why would anyone want to eat raw fish when you can cook them in like million ways that are out there. Didn't I think the same before?


It's not that bad actually, when you get past the slimy texture. :P
You just got to eat it the way it is supposed to eat.
First, there is this sauce thing, which has a strong taste that goes along with the raw fish quite well. Then you need to add a little bit of Wasabi and mix them well. Remember, this little is quite important as Wasabi is probably one of the strongest chillies in the world.

That reminds me a good story. The first time I ate Sashimi (raw fish, that is), I mixed a whole lot of Wasabi thinking "Oh we're Sri Lankans, we can handle anything. What could be that hot"

Big mistake.

The first bite ran shivers through my mouth to the nose and then to the brain and back through my spine. To say the least. Several glasses of cool water and a few minutes later, I was still trying to stop my tears. So this should be a handy tip for whoever wants to try their hands on it.

Anywayz, what I was saying is that though the idea of raw fish doesn't appeal much when you eat it a couple of times it is in fact quite good. But then again that depends more on the person I guess. There are even some Japs who doesn't eat them...

Then one day I ate something even more interesting.
This day we were attending the summer party given by the landlord of the building where our company is located. And he's a pretty rich guy. Well, a bit more than pretty rich I guess. To own a five story building in Japan. So it was in his home - or on the lawn in front, rather. Which ran more than 100 feet.
So there, a dish came to the table, sorta meat balls like things along with little pieces of toast. I was with another two Japs and nobody was eating it, so I inquired what that was. They were trying to explain me but my Japanese being not that good we were going nowhere. So I thought "what the hell" and helped myself to one. It was pretty good. Tasted like roast beef, if anything.

So... the next day, while in the office with the same Jap, the subject came up and we looked up the word on the Internet. And it turned out to be...
... a snail.



  1. a WHAT???????????????????????????????
    lol... - roast beef huh?
    and that pic makes me wanna have an egg hopper! ;)

  2. gosh that pic... that IS food heaven... u have NO idea what u just did to me :S dang... wanna run back to SL...

  3. you fucken bastard. thank god we r both going home in dec!

    its a ritual for my mom to make me kiribath the morning after i come to sl :)

  4. Haha I know LD, but it wasn't that bad really.

    Yeah Black, the closest I can think is roast beef. Quite good actually...
    And yeah, whatever is in that pic is GOLD!!!

    Thackshila, ah I know... I feel the very same!

    Ya Damith at least that's something... Jeez man let's eat all we can get while we are there! hahahaaa!
    And yeah, I won't complain either if mom makes kiribath...