Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, November 14, 2008

Have I ever?

Man this is too good!
Whoever came up with this I have and have I stuff deserves a gold medal or something.

So this time, have I ever...

Have I ever
  • attempted a Bungee jump and found myself having my heart in my mouth when I was on top but decided to jump anyway because the embarrassment would have been a LOT more than the fear of death?
  • got stoned so much on a Big Match day and landed home not knowing how and awoken at midnight only to be told by my mom that dad was the same that day?
  • been embarrassed by a school prefect in front of the whole class because I couldn't speak English when I was in Year 7, but made it into a motivation to learn English later?
  • passed Pettah just a minute before a bomb went off, exactly where I passed?
  • went to an Adults Only movie when I was in my A/L class just to find out that my class teacher was also in the same theatre?
  • cut the classes and jumped out of the school asking the same teacher to watch our backs, which he did all the time?
  • been stopped and questioned by police in Japan just because I didn't have a lamp on my bike?
  • attended like only three lectures in my whole last semester at university and still got through?
  • eaten Rs.500/= worth of chocolate from lunch money my mom gave me (back then, in 97, a large bar of Mars was only 20 bucks - so do the math) and found myself feeling like I had copious amounts of weed?
Yes, I have done all that!

This time I tag Damith, Jade, and Gutterflower.



  1. 1# was hilarious. i so know what u mean! :D
    and that thing about your teacher! lol... Bet you didn't get into trouble for that ! :P
    and seriously - you're lucky to be alive!

  2. you bunjee jumped??? WOW!!
    I hope I live to see the day I get to do it.. eventhough I do sometimes have a slight fear of heights.. :)

  3. Damith, I told you right?

    Black, yeah it is but let me assure you it wasn't so hilarious when I was on top there LOL.
    And the teacher? Oh he was the teacher you'd find in your dreams! He never cared what we did and that's exactly what you want right? We never got into trouble there, but then again he couldn't do anything eitehr could he? He would have had to admit he was there too! Hahahha!

    LD, oh yeah it was great! The weightless feeling when you jump, it's amazing!
    And I'm sure you could do it too. I'm no hero but I managed it somehow. And lemme give you a tip, go there with someone - preferably an enemy - so you would definitely jump.

  4. Wow... I'm so impressed you've bungee jumped... never think I'll have the guts to try...

  5. Thanks Angel. The trick is, as I said above, to go with preferably an enemy. That'll do it.