Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Friday, October 3, 2008

Me, myself and I

After all the long years, I've realized that life is too short to be bitching and whining about the things we can't change. Life isn't fair, but it is also wonderful if you're willing to see the cup half full. Which is what I chose to do, and now I'm a happy man.

I say you too should do the same. Enjoy your life, people, and the simple pleasures it brings. You have only one chance.


  1. Hey Sach! You're a real person. I didn't know that. Thought maybe you played poker for a living, complete with two babes on either side and a diamond in your nose. So, you're real? What a relief. Especially when you said money is a zero issue and you hate cockroaches. Now there's sentiment!
    :) nancy

  2. OMG!!!
    Glad you resolved that! LOL...
    Yeah, I'm totally REAL - live and kicking!
    And Poker for a living? No way! It's just for fun... with my friends - though I don't mind the part with two babes on either side! ;-)
    In reality I'm a Software Engineer. Lot less fun than being a Poker player though...

    Hahaha! Cockroaches! I wonder why they are on this earth!
    And money, I think I'm not money-concious...

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  4. You are my daughter's idol. She sat for OLs in december. Decided to study math and become an engineer. Her teachers recommended English as she is good at it. Anyway she wants to be just like you. An engineer who writes well.

  5. @Messy Mama
    You make me blush. Really. Thanks a lot, but I must advice you that I'm far from an idol for you daughter.

  6. hey sach, i came to know about your blog through a magazine <"KOTTU"> issued with sunday leader..
    your blog, its really interesting & funny :D, keep the good work gng..

  7. @Anon
    Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words! Yeah a few of my posts appeared there, and it's nice knowing that random unknown people like you like what I have to write.

  8. Oops no email, the message says;
    This site contains elements from bin.clearspring.com which appears to host malware. I had to click "yes I understand this might harm my computer"
    Pls delete this comment

  9. Looks like one comment before the last disappeared; I typed;
    Hi Sach, yes I will add you once I setup an account :)
    Today I got a warning when I visited your site, I will email the scree cap"

  10. I get the same warning when I tried to visit that clearspring site. Need to check what I have here. Thanks mate.

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